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Real Madrid VS Atletico Madrid Match Update: Diego Scored 4 goals

On Friday, the match between MAD and ATM was thrilling. Diego costa Scored 4 goals whereas Real Madrid felt embarrassed on the playground because of 7-3 by his rivals Atletico Madrid.

With the new signings of Eden Hazard and Luka Jovic, real retrieved a robust side once again starting up front and Gareth on the bench and match was ended with first half 5-0.

Zindane said, we instigated the game very poorly.

The opponent team scored seven goals and that was bad for us. Well, each player was very much disappointed, but it was the match and we need to shot the page swiftly.

We played calmly but they did not. Atletico fetched a host of new entrances including Joao Felix. He instantly jammed real beforehand playing costa in for his first goal.

Alvaro shocked Real by scoring great in the 19th minute. Saul Niguez exploited slack and Real in fourth for 28 minutes.

Real got disastrous match scores

In the half, costa won a penalty before adapting from the spot in stoppage time. Well, the punishment did not stop … Read the rest