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Chayce Beckham Won American Idol But Audiences Enjoyed Duets By Katy Perry & Mickey Guyton More

American Idol season 19 had its magic moments when the country star Mickey Guyton and Idol judge Katy Perry song duets for the audience. While California native Chayce Beckham was declared the winner, the viewers enjoy the duets more.

Idol has the tradition of judges performing in the finale….

Following the tradition, Perry sang “Thinking Of You” from her 2008 album “One of the Boys.” She was joined by Hunter Metts who was among the top 7 contestants before his elimination. And both the singers gave a stunning performance with acoustic guitars on a dimly lit stage. Post-performance, Metts shared a picture with Perry and tweeted it with the caption “It’s been an honor.”

Mickey Guyton performed “Black Like Me”….

Black Like Me is a powerful track that made history by highlighting the plight of colored citizens of America. And Guyton has also received Best Country Solo Performance award for this song. She’s also the first woman of color to receive this award. For this performance, Guyton joined hands with Alyssa Wray from the top 10 contestants.

The most beautiful moment of Guyton’s performance was … Read the rest