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Coronavirus Infects Spreads To Uttarakhand

The total number of coronavirus cases in India rose to 110 that includes 17 foreigners – 16 Italian tourists and a Canadian. Uttarakhand reported its first case of COVID-19 on Sunday. The number of people died due to coronavirus is two – one each from Delhi and Karnataka.

Coronavirus spread in the country

With 32 positive cases, Maharashtra has the highest number of COVID-19cases in the country. Kerala has recorded 22 cases and it includes three patients that were discharged last month. Uttar Pradesh has 12 coronavirus patients and Delhi has 7. Ladakh has 3 patients of coronavirus and Jammu and Kashmir and Telangana have two each. Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab have reported one case each.

Steps taken to contain the virus

According to health ministry data, 12,76,046 passengers have been screened at 30 designated airports. The government has traced the 4,000 people that came into contact with 93 COVID-19 patients. Also, there are 42,000 people under community surveillance.

The data further says that are sufficient personal protective equipment (PPEs). Also, that over 80,50,000 N95 masks and PPEs have been procured for health workers.

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COVID-19 Test Only For Selected Persons

A suspected case of coronavirus was turned back by RML hospital because he had no history of foreign travel and nor was in contact with a coronavirus patient. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has directed the hospitals to test those selected cases.

ICMR guidelines for coronavirus testing

The government body said that all the people with viral symptoms need not to be tested for COVID-19 because there had been on “community transmission” in India. “Community transmission” is a case where the source of a disease remains obscure.

Special Secretary in the Union Health Ministry, Sanjeev Kumar, said that the country is utilizing only 10% of its total capacity to test COVID-19. He further said that the coronavirus test is free and that the country has a much higher capacity but it was utilizing only 10% of it. Also, 80 lakh masks and safety equipment had been bought for health workers.

Experts criticized the approach

Ramanan Lakshminarayan, founder and director of the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy (CDDEP) criticized the approach saying that the people would spread the disease, if they didn’t know that they were … Read the rest


US Summoned Chinese Ambassador Over His Tween On US Army’s Role In Coronavirus

Taking serious note of a senior Chinese official tweeting that the US military started the COVID-19 pandemic, the US on Friday summoned China’s ambassador, Cui Tiankai. Also, the top US diplomat for Asia, David Stilwell, made a stern presentation to Cui.

US sent summon to China

The China was trying to deflect criticism its role in starting a global pandemic and not telling the world, said a State Department official. He further said that spreading conspiracy theories was dangerous and that they won’t tolerate that for the good of Chinese people and the world.

Tweet of Chinese official

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian tweeted that patient zero in the global pandemic might have come from the United States – not the Chinese metropolis Wuhan that was the epicenter of the pandemic.

Tweeting in both Mandarin and English, he said that it might be the US army that brought the epidemic to Wuhan. He further asked US to make its data public to be transparent. But Zhao has a history of making provocative statements on social media.

Cui’s response to US

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