Dua Lipa's Fitness

Dua Lipa’s Fitness Secret

Follow Hollywood pop star Dua Lipa’s 15 Minute HIIT Exercise and get the Sculpted Abs like her

The Grammy Award winner Hollywood pop star Dua Lipa is not only famous for its vocal ability, but she is also famous for having achingly carving abs. She had an Amazing fitness physique and brand Ambassador of various brands like Adidas’ limited edition statement collection. She is a very busy woman but then also she has time to work on her abs. 

In some interviews, she told that “I have to do something very quick and fast, like 15 minute HIIT session. This is done before I start my morning. If I have got an early call time that I don’t want to be walk-up too early before I need to, to go and do the workout. So a high-intensity workout, shower, breakfast, and I am on my way”. So if you want to get the abs like Dua Lipa then you must try this 15 minutes HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training Workout) include with Lipa’s favorite exercise.

Do the following Fitness Exercises in Dua Lipa’s way-

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