Supreme Court Reserves Its Order OnThe Petition Challenging Government Formation In Maharashtra For Tuesday

The BJP got a breather from the Supreme Court over its government formation in Maharashtra. The SC today reserved its order on a petition challenging the Maharashtra government formation. The SC has earlier asked the BJP to show the letters from the Maharashtra governor to form government and support of all NCP MLAs.

What was the Supreme Court ruling on Maharashtra government formation?

The BJP submitted the letter from Maharashtra governor and the letter of support from NCP to the Supreme Court. The letter shows that the BJP has the support of 54 NCP MLAs and it calls it AjitPawar’s Nationalist Congress Party. But the rival gang of Shiv Sena also claims support of 154 MLAs and demands immediate test of strength on the floor of the house.

The SC, after hearing the petition and checking the letters, reserved its decision on a quick show of strength till Tuesday. The SC on Sunday had asked Devendra Fadnavis to show letters from the Maharashtra governor and from AjitPawar to prove his strength.

Highlights of Maharashtra case in SC

• The Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress challenged the way Maharashtra government was formed. The development took place hours after the three parties … Read the rest