ICC World Cup 2019: Bangladesh knock the doors of semi-finals As like India

As you know, the temperature of ICC world Cup 2019 mounting day by day. The teams are doing double hard work to achieve success. India is one of the best cricket team in the league so far.

Losing the first match with England on Sunday creates a little burden on the team, now need just one point to enter in semi-finals. Now Talk about Bangladesh, the same time, the same pitch they need one point to make their place ensure in semi-finals. It would only happen if they win Tuesday match as yes Next match with Pakistan.

India Team So far unbeaten until England Match, but there is hope India will win next match and ensure its place. The convincing show with Vijay Shankar helped Indian Team to rejuvenate their power and passion to become unbeatable again in the tournament.

Source: https://bit.ly/2RNPGvC

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