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Pakistan ceaselessly mounting nuclear and missile stash

The Indian defence ministry (MOD) recently says, Pakistan relentlessly increasing its armed forces, especially the Nuclear and missile stash, in spite of major financial crisis, it continues target India.

According to latest annual report of MOD, Pakistan army is consolidates after the influence of Imran Khan Government in August. It says, they majorly increased their nuclear and missile with dispute of international assessments. Now Pak has 140-150 nuclear which is little higher than India as 130-140.

With this, Pakistan nuclear stockpile also increases 220-250 by 2025, if this trend rises rapidly. China and North Korea contributing in their progress from last couple of years.

MOD said, this increased the threat for international borders and per destruction of weapons, but WMD terrorism is a potent threat as much they want to gain.

MoD Report Targets Pakistan

Further in the report, MOD said, revolving to Pakistan, it has avoided taking action against Jihadi and internationally prohibited terror fashions that target its neighbours.

This such supportive system continues influence come into India under the cover of cross-line and firing in Jammu and Kashmir throughout the year.

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