Google Doodle: Video Feature On Junko Tabei On Her 80th Birthday

Google dedicates today’s Doodle to Junko Tabei, the first woman mountaineer to reach the summit of Mount Everest and complete the Seven Summits. Today is 80th birthday of Junko Tabei.

The bare-bone search page of Google displays Junko’s journey from Mount Everest to the Seven Summits. The Doodle is a video of Junko Tabei jumping from one summit to another. She’s seen jumping from one letter of Google to another with each letter representing a summit.

Journey of Junko Tabei

Born on 22 September 1939 in Miharu, Fukushima, Junko Tabei began climbing mountains at the tender age of 10. In 1969, she started a formal group after she was continuously decried and discouraged by male mountaineers. Some of them even ill-treated her. But she refused to budge and continued her journey from one summit to another. The slogan of her group was “Let’s go on an overseas expedition by ourselves.”

Junko Tabei defied social hurdles

In 70s, Japan was male dominated society that believed in keeping women confined to homes. But Junko Tabei broke all the rules to fulfill her wish. In 1975, she left her young daughter with her husband to lead a group of mountaineers to Mount Everest. … Read the rest