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PCB Receives Threat Mail For Indian Cricket Team In West Indies

Pakistan Cricket Control Board (PCB) received a threat mail for Indian cricket team from an anonymous account on Friday, August 16. The mail read that the Indian cricket team was in imminent danger of a threat attack in West Indies where it was playing a series of matches.

Threat mail

The PCB said that the threat mail has no mention of any terror group or any other hint of the terror attack on Indian cricket team. But PCB took a serious note of it and alerted the International Cricket Council (ICC) about the mail. The Indian cricket board BCCI also received a copy of the mail within 24 hours.

India’s response to the mail

BCCI apprised the Union Home Ministry about the threat to Indian cricket team in Antigua, West Indies. The Indian embassy in Antigua is sent an alert message and the Mumbai police was asked to take stock of the situation. The Director General of Police (DGP) of Maharashtra was updated about the mail and security of Indian cricket team boosted on the foreign soil.

On contacting PCB, it said that it didn’t comment on safety and security issues of cricketers. It further maintained that its role was … Read the rest


Today is World Photography Day as Photos are Permanently Flourishing!!

If you have a passion for photography, so today is your day! Photos are always flourishing. It is obvious when you go to a special place or you’re celebrating your life journey, you always want to capture that moment. The craze of photography is on boom these days. Today is World Photography Day.

The story behind celebrating photography day!

In 1839, the first photo element was discovered by French scientists Louise Jacques and Mende Daguerre. The British scientist William Henry discovers the negative process in 1834, whereas the scientist Tail Bot discovered Sensitive paper that helps to capture the image.

Finally, on 19 August 1939, the French Scientist Agro was purchased by the French government and to celebrate this memory, 19 august celebrated this day as World Photography day. For more information please visit our latest trending News


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What Is The Result Of UNSC Closed Consultation On Kashmir?

United Nations Security Council held a “closed consultation” meeting for an informal discussion on the Kashmir situation after India abrogated Article 370 and 35A that awarded special status to Kashmir.

UNSC discussion on Kashmir

The UNSC is yet to make a press note on the discussion and decision taken on Kashmir situation. But the Indian Ambassador to the UN, Syed Akbaruddin made it clear that Pakistan and China were unnecessarily giving undue significance to a matter that belongs to India.

UNSC’s first discussion on J&K

It isn’t the first time that UNSC met to discuss J&K. On January 1, 1948, India approached UNSC to discuss the conflicting situation in Kashmir due to attack by tribal people and camouflaged soldiers of Pakistan. The UN created a commission that asked for a plebiscite in J&K.

Plebiscite in J&K

It never materialized because Pakistan didn’t fulfill the conditions. It had to vacate the area it had captured to hold a plebiscite. India was also asked to withdrew the non-residents from J&K before plebiscite. But Pakistan didn’t fulfill the condition.

Shimla Agreement

On July 2, 1972, India and Pakistan reached an agreement called Shimla Agreement. Under the agreement, both … Read the rest


Another reprehensible entity for Pakistan: Imran Khan is seen as Beggar on Google!

As we everyone knows, Pakistan lost all his hopes after the revoke of 370 article related to J&K. nowadays, Pakistan it getting troll everywhere by Indians. Hundreds of memes you have already seen on the internet, but today in Google search when you search for the Bikhari or beggar, you will see Imran khan’s image.

Isn’t funny? Well, it is true!!

After the UNSAC council, Pakistan getting failure in a very way even from his dear friend’s country China. This reprehensible thing actually gets to know when a person searches for Bikhari in search engine Google, and the picture of Imran Khan is on the top, in which he is seen as holding the bowl in his hands.

Pakistan’s one foolish decision spoil all its country!

Pakistan lost all his business with India after making the foolish decision for his country on stopping the bilateral trade between India and Pakistan. This made Pakistan condition worse, resultant, they have no vegetables, onions, garlic, tomatoes and many other items in his country. If they are present they are too costly as everyone can’t afford it right now.

In short, you can say, Pakistan put stones in his deployment and prosperity of his … Read the rest


US President Donald Trump Asks Imran to resolve their issues with Pakistan

After the end of 370 Article related to Kashmir, the tensions between Pakistan and India is serious. Pakistan prime minister, Imran Khan ask for help to USA president Donald Trump. On Friday, the phone conversation between Trump and Khan took place, the white house said.

The conversation held before the 15 members of the UNSC in New York. The White House figures all calls and dispensed it after the meeting and concluded in the headquarters of New York.

The Deputy Secretary Hogan Gidley said the president carried the prominence of India and Pakistan reducing tensions through Bilateral talk associated with J&K issues.

White House said, Donald trump talked to MR Khan and discuss regional developments and follow up to far ahead visit Washington, last month.

“The two leaders conversed on how they will develop good relationships between the United States and Pakistan” Gidley, Said.

The Pakistan Foreign Minister, Shah Mehboob Qureshi said, Pakistan prime minster Mr. Khan took US president confidence in UNSC at the headquarters in New York after the Indian government rescinded the status of J&K.

They also discussed Afghanistan and Khan said, they are doing great efforts to maintain peace in Afghanistan. We made efforts in the … Read the rest


Atal Bihari Vajpayee Remembered On His First Death Anniversary

President Ram Nath Kovind paid tributes to former Prime Minister and BJP leader Atal Bihari Vajpayee at his memorial, Sadaiv Atal, in New Delhi. The President visited Sadaiv Atal on the first death anniversary of Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union home Minister Amit Shah also paid tributes to the tallest BJP leader. BJP national working president JP Nadda also accompanied the PM and Home Minister to pay his tributes to the former BJP leader.

Death anniversary of Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Three times Prime Minister and BJP stalwart Atal Bihari Vajpayee breathed his last on 16th August 2018 in AIIMS Delhi following a prolonged illness. He was 93 at the time of his death.

Who paid tribute at Sadaiv Atal?

Vajpayee’s daughter Namita Kaul Bhattacharya and granddaughter Niharika along with others visited Sadaiv Atal, the memorial of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, to pay tribute to the greatest leader of his time.

Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the first-ever BJP leader to become Prime Minister. His first led a central government in 1996 but his government didn’t last long. He again became Prime Minster for two terms between 1998 to … Read the rest