Rahul Gandhi Resignation: Few names are on the top list who could replace Rahul

After the elections of 2019, Rahul Gandhi drama continues till the date. As we all know, Rahul Gandhi associated with the royal Gandhi’s family which serves their many years in government. He is the fifth generation of his family.

After the elections, Gandhi posted on twitter, he quit the congress. It is critical for the future of the growth of the party. I stood completely alone and I am extremely proud of it.

His decision not to rule congress anymore creates huge suspense his party, who is going to replace Rahul?

Here is the list of few members who may replace Rahul

Sonia Gandhi

The mother of Rahul Gandhi and wife of Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia may become the leader of the congress again. Presently, she is a united progressive alliance chairperson and congress parliamentary party head.

Priyanka Gandhi

The sibling of Rahul, Priyanka can take over the congress party. Her charm was failed in elections but still, she is on the list.

Mallikrarjun Kharge

Mallikarjun is on the top list for congress. He is a former leader of Congress in Lok Sabha. He defeats Gulbarga in Lok Sabha 2019 elections. Currently, he … Read the rest