New song from Lada Gaga

Leaked Song Of 33-Year Old Lady Gaga Drives Her Fans Crazy

Lada Gaga’sfans were eagerly waiting for her to release a new album when the news of a new single to be released in February broke. Soon her song “Stupid Love” leaked to the masses and her fans can’t stop talking about that song.

New song from Lada Gaga

It was told that the first single was from the upcoming sixth album of the Lada Gaga that had been focusing more on her acting career over the past few years. The new song is reminiscent of the high-energy and disco-illusioned tunes of her early career.

Lyrics of the leaked single

“You’re the one that I’ve been waiting for / Gotta quit this crying / Nobody’s gonna heal me if I don’t open the door / Kinda hard to believe (Gotta have faith in me).”


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