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Understanding the role of newspapers in our daily lives

News is the only literature that changes every day. And in addition to literary benefits, it boosts memory and increases intelligence by keeping its readers abreast with the latest happenings.

People start their day with today top trending news that they read in newspaper. And here it is necessary to mention that most readers get their digital papers on their mobiles and tabs. Reading newspaper is a good habit and e-learning has made it more interesting.

Reading news while sipping morning coffee is a daily dose of every responsible citizen. Whether you are a student, jobseeker, executive, housewife or retired person, you won’t want to miss the important news about appointments, assignments, incidents, accidents and anniversaries and birthdays.

A newspaper is like a book with different contents from political to social and from economical to sports. It has serious news pieces and satire. Also, it contains news about movies and stars and celebrities. You can choose your news or believe on the editor’s pick.

The editor of a newspaper is a sensible person. He is a literary giant with an informed head. He receives news … Read the rest