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WhatsApp Dark Mode Rolled Out For Android And iPhone Users

Finally, after one year of beta testing, WhatsApp Dark mode is available for users. The Facebook owned company has designed a unique colour scheme for Dark mode. Android and iOS users can find Dark mode on their WhatsApp settings.

WhatsApp Dark mode

It is a dark grey background in an off-white colour and its advantage is that it cuts down glare that improves contrast and readability. Aimed to minimize eye fatigue, the Dark mode uses colours that are closer to the system defaults on Android and iPhone.

According to a blogpost, the team WhatsApp worked on improving readability of content and information hierarchy. But the real objective of the Dark mode is to make WhatsApp more convenient to use in different screens. And the company used colour and other design elements in line with Dark mode to achieve the objective.

See WhatsApp Dark mode working

Team WhatsApp has created a video “Hello Darkness” to educate users about the Dark mode and its advantages. To make the video more interesting, the team has added a soundtrack by previously-unreleased version of The Sound of Silence by American musician Paul Simon.

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