Teddy Bear Day: The Story Behind Making Of Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear Day is a very special day of Valentine’s Week. It is the fourth day of Valentine’s Week and it is special because on this day people express their love with teddies. While you are free to buy any gift, teddy has a special place in Valentine’s Week.

Story of Teddy Bear day

Once upon a time, the 26th President of US Theodore Roosevelt was in Mississippi to mediate between Louisiana and Mississippi. In free time, Roosevelt used to go on hunting in Mississippi. One day he found a brutally injured bear tied to a tree. His assistants asked him to shoot the bear but he said that huntinginjured animals was against the rules. But he later order killing the animal to rid him of the pain and suffering.

This incident made Roosevelt popular in the local media. Washington Post published a cartoon where the president was shown with a bear. The cartoon was made by Clifford Berryman. People liked the bear cartoon so much that it became a topic of discussion.

Bear cartoon to teddy bear

Inspired by the bear cartoon, a candy and toy store owner, Morris, got a bear toy made by his wife. The both husband and wife then approached Roosevelt with the bear toy and asked the president to name it “Teddy Bear”. Teddy was nickname of Roosevelt. The president happily gave his permission and since then the bear toy came to be known as “Teddy Bear”.

Teddy Bear in US President election

Roosevelt was so impressed with the attractive design of the Teddy Bear that he made it his mascot in presidential elections.

Teddy Bear festival

The festival is quite popular in the UK, Canada, Japan and Germany. But the first Teddy Bear museum was made in 1984 in Hampshire, Peterfield, England.

Source: https://bit.ly/2OISVE9

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