Welcome Spring Season On March 20 With Google’s Colorful Doodle

Google releases a doodle to celebrate the beginning of the spring season on March 20, Saturday. Designed on the theme of spring, the Google Doodle features a hedgehog carrying a bouquet on its back and a smile on its face.

What is the hedgehog doing?

The hedgehog is happy at the arrival of the spring season and it is showing its happiness through its smile. It is seen playing in a lush field where honey bees could be seen buzzing around flowers. It is a colorful doodle with different features and all the features of the doodle including lush bushes, flowers and honeybees together spell out “Google”.

When does the spring season start?

The spring season starts in the northern hemisphere when the sun crosses the equator during its journey from the southern hemisphere to norther. And it happens every year on March 20 so this very day is taken as the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere. And the spring season continues till June 21.

The day when the sun passes equinox while traveling to the northern hemisphere is also called Spring Equinox. On this day, days and nights are nearly equal in length. They are approximately 12 hours long.

Source:- https://bit.ly/3sb3924

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