What Did Jack Ma Say In Live Video?

It was less than a minute appearance but the video of Jack Ma on Wednesday provided a sigh of relief to the investors that that had been waiting for months for Jack Ma to break his silence over his mysterious disappearance.

What was the Jack Ma video?

A clip of Jack Ma speaking to a group of teachers in a live-streamed video began circulating on Wednesday. He last appeared on the screen in October when he lambasted Chinese regulators and state-owned banks. After that video, Jack Ma disappeared from the business world triggering speculations of Chinese authorities punishing Jack Ma with jail term or a takeover of his companies. But the Wednesday’s video put a period over those speculations.

What did Jack Ma talk about in the video?

He was talking philanthropy with teachers. He discussed the importance of narrowing income disparities and reviving countryside of the country. And it can’t be a coincidence that these two topics are in the priority list of the Xi Jinping’s Communist Party. It is to be noted that Chinese government had detained entrepreneurs that didn’t fall in line. And investors expected that Jack Ma met the same fate.

What was the controversy over Jack Ma?

Jack Ma had plans to take Ante Group Co. public but Chinese government torpedoed the plan that would have been the biggest-ever initial share sale of the world. And it happened soon after Jack Ma criticized the Chinese regulators. Some analysts also said that Communist Part was wary of a few billionaires concentrating maximum business of the world’s second largest economy.

Source:- https://bit.ly/3bUu78J

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