What Did Twitter Say About Farmers’ Protest?

Twitter Inc. said that safety of their employees was a top priority while reaching out to the Union IT Minister for a formal dialogue in response to the non-compliance notice in relation to February 4 order to take down 1,178 listed handles.

What was the government order?

The Indian government asked the social media giant to take down 1,178 listed handles flagged by security agencies as pro-Khalistani accounts or those supported by Pakistan. Operating from foreign soils, these Twitter accounts were sharing misinformation and provocative contents on the ongoing farm issue in India. But Twitter has yet to take a call on this order.

What was Twitter’s response to government?

Twitter said that continued to be engaged with the Government of India from a position of respect and had reached out to the Minister of Electronics and Information Technology for a formal dialogue.

They strongly believe that the open and free exchange of information had a positive global impact and that the Tweets must continue to follow. The company took appropriate steps regarding such concerns as raised by the Government of India while making sure that that it held the fundamental values and commitment to protecting the public conversation.

But Twitter global CEO Jack Dorsey liked several tweets made by foreign based celebrities in support of ongoing farmers’ protest.

Twitter respected the earlier order

The social media giant suspended the list of 257 handles sent by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in January 31 order. The handles were taken down for a few hours.

Source:- https://bit.ly/3jAKoBp

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