Why Is Trump Excited About Visiting India?

US President Donald Trump said that he was willing to sign a trade pact with India during his visit to New Delhi on February 24 and 25. He is coming on the invitation of Narendra Modi and Modi assured that Trump’s visit would be a very special one in establishing the Indo-US friendship.

Indo-US trade deal

India is demanding certain benefits like exemption from high duties, resumption of export benefits and greater market access for its domestic products. The US also wants greater access for its products and cut on import duties. It also raised concerns over high trade deficit with India. It was $16.9 billion in 2018-19.

PM Modi tweeted for Trump

Modi said that India and US shared a common commitment to democracy and pluralism. The further said that a robust friendship between India and US isn’t good only for the citizens of both countries but for the world.

Past meetings of Modi and Trump

Modi and Trump have developed a personal rapport over the three years. In 2019, they met a record four times and it includes the historic joint summit before a strong 50k audience of Indian-Americans in Houston.


This year, the two leaders have spoken over phone on two occasions and now Donald Trump is traveling to India on Modi’s invitation. Trump is already excited about meeting hundreds and thousands of Indians in Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad cricket stadium

Built at a cost of $100 million, the Moetara Stadium in Ahmedabad is the largest cricket stadium in the world. It can seat 1,10,000 audiences that is much bigger than the seating capacity of Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia that can seat only 1,00,024 spectators. Both the leaders are expected to address a huge gathering at the largest cricket ground in the world and Trump is quite excited about it.

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