World Cup 2019: India Vs New Zealand today semi-final prediction preview

India is in semi-finals of world cup 2019. Today the first semi-final of India is with New Zealand. Both teams are ready to show their determination again in the world cup. Their focus and willingness will prove in today’s match for sure.

The match will be played on a new pitch, which is a piece of good news for both teams in Trafford. If it is a new pitch, the crucial point is toss. It is usually thought, the team which will win the toss choose to bat. Well, the match is not just about physical ability but it is also a mental task how you put pressure on the opponent by giving them no scores, making strategies, bowling and more.

India V/s New Zealand winning prediction

India has won two matches at Trafford, and hope this turn into third time as well. According to our prediction, India is one the best team in the world cup 2019 so far. It seems if India wins the toss and choose to do batting, they can beat kiwis.

New Zealand is also one of the best cricket team and they are known as the eternal bridesmaid of international cricket. They often go to semi-finals but didn’t win the trophy yet. Well, India won the world’s Champions Trophy last year whereas kiwis are a new one.

India has experienced how to play in semi-finals for a trophy, and New Zealand will have to do little more work hard to beat India if they need to make the history.

The match on Tuesday would be Rohit Sharma and Trent Boult.


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