Who Is The Surprise Character In The Falcon And The Winter Soldier?

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (TFATWS) is set to return for the much-awaited episode on Friday morning and this episode is going to be the biggest in everything. Also, there is much hype surrounding this episode.

Highlights of TFATWS episode:

• People saw John Walker/Captain America (Wyatt Russell) murdering a man on live camera with the Captain America shield in the last episode. And they are expecting something bigger in Episode 5. Since Episode 4 ended on the controversy, the fallout of the last moment could be massive on the upcoming episode.

• A fight scene between Sam/Falcon (Anthony Mackie), Bucky/Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan), and Walker/Captain America in the teaser hinted towards a confrontation between different groups in Episode 5.

• People are waiting for a “surprise character” reported by SlashFilm in Episode 5. Also, there is much mystery surrounding the surprise character. It won’t be like any of the MCU characters and nor it would be like any of the characters in the upcoming movies. The SlashFilm dropped a hit about this character. It said that it is one of the existing characters of Marvel Comics and it will be played by a well-known performer.

How to stream TFATWS?

Disney+ has the exclusive rights to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode hence you need to buy a subscription for this channel to enjoy the full episode that is rumored to be up to 61 … Read the rest

Vakeel Saab: Pawan Kalyan Replaces Amitabh Bachchan In Telugu Remake Of Pink

Pawan Kalyan starrer “Vakeel Saab” is the Telugu remake of Amitabh Bachchan starrer Bollywood movie “Pink”. But the director Sriram Venu has made enough changes in the script according to Pawan Kalyan who has a massive outreach. Also, he has chosen Shruti Hassan for an important role.


Three women – Vemula Pallavi (Nivetha Thomas), Zareena (Anjali) and Divya (Ananya Nagalla) – meet Vamshi (Vamsi) and his friends at a resort. There they sexually assault the girls. Pallavi hits Vamshi with a bottle on his head to escape from his clutches and the three girls run away. Injured Vamshi who belongs to a political family gets Pallavi arrested by filing a backdate case against her. The girls approach Vakeel Saab Konidela Satya Dev (Pawan Kalyan) for help.

Highlights of the movie:

• Pawan Kalyan returning after a brief interval of three years

• Prakash Raj delivers a compelling performance

• The second half of the movie is all about court drama

• Powerful subject line and dialogues

Weakness of the movie:

• Poorly scripted flashback story in the first half

• Less appealing than the original movie


“Vakil Saab” has many things in common with Pink but the Telugu remake is more centric to Pawan Kalyan. The movie starts with a very positive note but looks tilting towards Pawan Kalyan. It seems that the director wanted to give the star an advantage. But the director has tried to retain as much originality as possible. Overall, the movie is good to watch with family and friends.

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Pushpa Actress Rashmika Mandanna Turns 25 Today

Rashmika Mandanna, the most sought-after actress of South Indian cinema, is celebrating her 25th birthday today. The young and talented actress made her debut in Tamil cinema with Sulthan where she was paired with Karthi. She is also working in Allu-Arjun starrer Telugu movie Pushpa.

Rashmika Mandanna is also active in Bollywood where she recently completed Mission Majnu that is also her debut movie. It features Sidharth Malhotra. Also, she’s working on another Bollywood movie Goodbye where she’ll share the screen space with legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan.

Here’re 5 lesser-known facts about Rashmika Mandanna

• She is the winner of the Clean And Clear Fresh Face 2014 title and Rashmika Mandanna was the first to win this title from Coorg. It is only after winning this title that she started getting offers for movies

• She is an avid reader and always reading books in her free time. Also, she shares books she reads with her Insta fans and asks them to recommend books

• She is a big fan of Emma Watson. She considers Emma Watson as her inspiration and closely follows the works of the Harry Potter actress

• She loves Anime movies so much that she likes binge-watching those movies whenever she gets time. But she gets upset when people take anime as cartoon movies

• Rashmika Mandanna confessed that she wasn’t bothered about her outfits and could even go out in a pair of pajamas. She funnily said that she needed to improve her dressing sense

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Nithiin And Keerthy Suresh Starrer Telugu Comedy Movie Rang De Gets Three Stars

The latest Telugu movie Rang De is making headlines for the light comedy it offers. While it looks like a repackaged story but the director Venky Atluri did a great job even if he served old wine in a new bottle. He has used and tried and tested themes of romantic comedies of Telugu cinema but still, the movie is enjoyable.

What is the story of the movie?

The story revolves around two characters Arjun (Nithiin) and Anu (Keerthy Suresh). They both are childhood friends but different in personality. While Arjun takes Anu as his competitor, Anu considers Arjun as her true friend. She has no ill feelings towards Arjun even after getting rebuffed by Arjun again and again.

Arjun has many problems and he considers Anu as the reason behind all his problems. He is good and all his family and neighbors love him. But he finds that they love Anu more. It is so because Anu is smart and intelligent in comparison to Arjun. But Anu remains committed to Arjun and even agrees to marry him. She thinks that she could change Arjun with her love and support.

Was their marriage life successful?

The real problems for Arjun start after marrying Anu. He is made to live with a girl he doesn’t like. But Anu is a caring wife as she takes care of all needs of Arjun. The real comedy starts after their marriage and continues till Arjun becomes a loving husband.

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How Critics View The Anthology Of Pitta Kathalu?

Pitta Kathalu is a Telugu anthology drama film consisting four short-stories of four women that belong to different strata of society. The four directors Nag Ashwin, B. V. Nandini Reddy, Tharun Bhascker, and Sankalp Reddy left their comfort zones to jump into the minds of four women protagonists Ramulu, Meera, xLife, and Pinky.

What are the stories about?

These are bold tales about the women of 21st centuries that demand their rights as human being. And they are up against men that consider women to be puppets. The stories reveal different feelings and emotions from the perspective of women. Simply put, Pitta Kathalu tries to put a bunch of different ideas on table.

What the protagonists do in the stories?

These aren’t women of substance but they have some substance in them. You will see them dealing with a jealous and abusive husband. Also, helping a commitment-phobic boyfriend to come out of his tragic mindset. Some women are seen continuing with an ex that has moved on. These women take up challenges without looking at the consequences. And no moral judgements are passed on their acts that could be rebellions or defiant in nature.

What is the rural touch of Pitta Kathalu?

Ramalu is the only rural connection in the anthology. Written by Tharun Bhascker, she is the most interesting and engaging character in the story. Another interesting character in the story is xLife written by Nag Ashwin. The most ambitious character of the story, xLife explores the power of technology for the benefit human starved of love.

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Harbhajan Singh Shares His Look In His Debut Movie Friendship

Ahead of IPL 2021 auction on February 18, Harbhajan Singh is seen in a new avatar. The veteran off-spinner is seen wearing a half-folded dhoti and a shiny blue shirt on the sets of his upcoming Tamil movie Friendship. And the cricketer was excited to share the pictures with his fans.

Harbhajan Singh shared his pics with film stars

An excited Harbhajan displayed his dress in his debut movie along with other stars and invited his fans to come to theaters to watch his movie. He tweeted that he eagerly waited for the film to release so that he can meet his fans on a different pitch and in a new avatar. But he remained silent on the release date of the movie.

About the movie

The movie that was scheduled to be released in August last year got delayed but it is expected to be released this summer. The suiting for the movie is in full-swing as the cricketer turned actor said that they were in the last leg of the suiting.

Written and directed by John Paul Raj and Sham Suriya, Friendship is a comedy movie featuring Harbhajan Singh, Arjun, Losliya and Sathish in the leading roles. Harbhajan Singh had earlier shared the poster shared a poster of the movie in June 2020.

IPL 2021 auction

Harbhajan Singh has already announced the end of his contract with three times champions Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and now included in the list of lucky 292 players that would go under the hammer for IPL 2021 auction in Chennai on February 18.

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See Who Kong Is Saving From Godzilla?

Trailer of the epic Godzilla vs Kong has raised hopes of quick release of the movie that has been delayed multiple times due to lockdown. Original scheduled to be released in March 2020, the movie could go to a theatrical release anytime.

About the trailer

Godzilla is back and can only be stopped by a mighty power like Kong and when the two titans clash, there will be destruction everywhere. This 2-minute trailer tells many things about the movie but remains silent over the appearance of Godzilla that appears from the sea.

The movie has a human angle. Here the Kong is seen to be obsessed with a chile that the mighty Kong wants to save at every cost. And he even doesn’t fear to fight with Godzilla for the child’s safety. Here Godzilla is presented as a bad guy determined to destroy the planet. But Kong is there to stop the giant lizard.

Kong looks different from his earlier avatars. His posture is calm and he looks like investigating his surroundings when he notices presence of a child and gets obsessed with the child. Suddenly, the sea water stirs and there appears a giant lizard. It is Godzilla and it is so aggressive that it starts destroying everything that it encounters.

Complete story

The best thing about the trailer is that it gives a complete picture of the movie. Also, the human angle of the story is highlighted to show human and animal bond. It has special effects that are never seen before.

Source:- https://cutt.ly/xj5IjNA

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War Drama 1962: The War In The Hills Will Start On 26 February

1962: The War In The Hills, a web-series based on the 1962 Indo-China war on February 26. Disney+ Hotstar made this announcement on the 72nd Republic Day of the country. The series stars Abhay Deol as lead role. The actor also released the teaser of the series on the Republic Day.

Trailer release

Abhay Deol seemed quite excited while releasing the trailer. He said that there could be no better occasion than the Republic Day to salute the jawans that protect the country round the clock. Deol said in a statement that as an actor, he was happy to release the first look of the war series on the Republic Day.

Based on true events

Inspired by true events, 1962: The War In The Hills is the untold story of bravery and valour of Indian army. Abhay Deol is essaying the role of an army major in the series. The 44-year-old actor will be seen leading a battalion in the war drama. He said that the untold story was relevant to country.

Directed by Mahesh Manjrekar, the war drama presents a unique-view of the 1962 war. Abhay Deol is an experienced actor and he has recently featured in a web series on MX Player.

Source:- https://bit.ly/3caHa5V

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4 Best Remakes Of Telugu Movies Of Ravi Teja

Today is the birthday of film star Ravi Teja that has been the most prolific actor of Telugu film industry. The 53-year-old actor has acted in over fifty films and received several awards for his acting. Also, many of his Telugu movies have remade in Bollywood for Hindi viewers.

Here we’re listing his 4 best Bollywood remakes

  1. Khadgam (2002)

It was an action drama directed by Krishna Vamsi. Ravi Teja essayed the role of a rickshaw puller who fights terrorists with his cop friend. Inspired by Ravi Teja movie, filmmaker K. Subash made Insan in 2005 with Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn and Tushar Kapoor.

  1. Vikramarkudu (2006)

This S. S. Rajamouli directed action movie was remade in Hindi as Rowdy Rathore (2012). Ravi Teja played a double role of a crook and a cop. Also, Akshay Kumar played double role in the remake.

  1. Kick (2009)

The original Kick was a Telugu movie starring Ravi Teja who enjoyed playing risky sports and got into trouble due to his thrill-seeking hobby. Sajid Nadiadwala made Hindi remake of the Telugu movie of the same name in 2014. In Hindi Kick, Salman Khan essayed the role of Ravi Teja.

  1. Sambo Siva Sambo (2010)

It was originally a Tamil movie remade in Telugu with Ravi Teja as the lead character. He essayed the role of a man who first unites lovers and then encourages them to divorce and punishes those that don’t oblige. Its Hindi remake was made by Priyadarshan as Rangrezz (2013)

Source:- https://bit.ly/39jDsp1

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Who’s Taking Political Mileage Over Tandav Controversy?

The makers of Tandav, a political drama on Amazon Prime, issued an unconditional apology after complaints against the web series started pouring in different states notably Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh where the CM office made a comment on the drama.

What is the controversy surrounding Tandav?

The web series insulted Hindu gods and goddesses in the first episode. 17 minutes into the episode, you can see college students making mockery of Hindu gods. It triggered an outrage across the country forcing makers of Tandav to apologize for the said act.

Important points of Tandav controversy

  1. Makers of Tandav issued an apology only after the I&B Ministry that supervises OTT content sought a response on the complaints from Amazon.
  2. Two complaints were filed against Tandav. One Ram Kadam filed a police complaint in Mumbai and a UP cop registered an FIR against the makers of Tandav in Lucknow.
  3. In UP, a key aide of CM Yogi Adityanath warned of consequences for ridiculing Hindu gods. Also, the CM’s media advisor, Shalabh Mani Tripathi, objected to showing police vehicles in the drama.
  4. In Mumbai, the police have to provide security to Amazon India office and the residence of Saif Ali Khan in the wake of protests and demonstrations against the series.
  5. Despite protests, JDU and SP are advising BJP to keep out of politics. JDU leader KC Tyagi said that political parties couldn’t regulate web content and SP chief Akhilesh Yadav said that BJP was doing tandav for Tandav.

Source:- https://bit.ly/2XSJy9c

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