PM Calls Delhi Residents To Vote In Delhi Assembly Election

Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked people to exercise their right to in the Delhi assembly election in a tweet. He urged people especially young voters to come out and vote.

Delhi Assembly Election 2020

Voting for 70 assembly seats started today morning. Over 1.47 crore voters will exercise their vote today and decide whether to re-elect the AAP or give BJP a chance to govern Delhi. High security arrangements have been made for smooth functioning of the election machinery. Special arrangements are made for Shaheen Bagh where a protest against CAA is going on.


The AamAadmi Party unseated Congress by decimating it in 2015 assembly elections. Congress had ruled Delhi for 15 years but today it is nowhere to be seen in the elections. Right from the beginning of elections, the party showed a lackluster attitude towards Delhi. For example, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi had had hardly campaigned for their candidates in Delhi.


Riding high over Modi’s popularity, policies and achievements, the party wants to return to power with a huge mandate. And it used all its machinery that it can to highlight Modi’s policies and seek votes in the name of Modi government. Sometimes the party crossed the line while attacking AAP candidates.

Result of Delhi assembly election 2015

In 2015, AAP won 67 out of 70 assembly seats with 54.3% votes. BJP that won the remaining 3 seats received 32% vote. And the Congress that won no seat got 9.6% votes.


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