Pro-Iran Faction Hits US Embassy In Iraq With Rockets

US embassy in Iraq’s capital was attacked by a hardline pro-Iran faction on Sunday evening. The Sunday attack was the 14th time that the US installations in Iraq were attacked in the last two months.

US embassy attack

The Sunday attack was carried soon after the deadline for the local Iraqi troops to leave US installations. The 5:00 pm (1400 GMT) deadline was issued by the pro-Iran faction and the local troops guarding the US installations were advised to stay away from the US installations.

The vehemently anti-US group, Kataeb Hezbollah, issued the deadline for local Iraqi forces and fired two rockets towards the US embassy in Iraq’s capital. But the rockets were hit near the embassy and no casualty had been reported till the time of writing the report.

Iran had warned the US of revenge for killing its commander and the latter has warned of the use of beautiful military equipment to teach if Iran attacked the US installations.


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