How to make most of news?

If you read newspaper, you won’t need looking at anywhere for help, advice and guidance in anything from buying automobile, choosing colleges, building career and finding investment opportunities. And you can get your news even on your mobile.

Trending news

Know what English news headlines others are reading about. It could be related to entertainment, technology or finance. It could be anything but a piece of news starts trending only when it is searched by a large number of readers. Or you can choose to dive into a digital newspaper to get full dose of latest information.

Make most of the news

News is power to you and when you have the power, you can make right decisions regarding choosing a movie to watch, supporting the right candidate in elections and come to know about incidents that can affect your life. When you have the news, you have an edge over others. You know what products are launched and what their costs are; which movies are released and their preview and weather conditions.

For example, if you are going out for vacations, you should know about the weather of the place you are visiting. It will help in vacation planning. And it is only weather news that can give you details of temperature changes and weather forecast.

Look at your mobile for news

There is little need to worry about finding time to read news when you have the option to get news and views on your mobile. Whenever you have time, you can give a quick look to latest trending news on your mobile.

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How is news helping people in this age of Internet?

News is a silver line in the dark coronavirus cloud surrounding the globe today. In fact, news is the only hope for people battling with numerous diseases and other problems.

So, how the dissemination of news helping in battling diseases

In this time of crisis, when the entire world is scared of COVID-19, people are connected with a common thread called news. The English news headlines tell how people are doing. There are stories that are inspiring; that have a humane touch and that depict the correct picture before the people.

Every morning, people across the globe look for news so that can stay abreast with everything that is happening in the world and that can in any way impact their social, personal and professional life. Here news becomes a lighthouse for them. They plan their days and activities according the news gathered.

News collection, selection and dissemination

It is a challenge instead of being a difficulty. News come from different sources but it is for the editor to select the best information. Or you can say that it is an editor that decides what is good for you. But it doesn’t mean that you should limit your choice of news or rely on one source of news.

Today you can get news from different sources and you should explore as many sources as you can. Look for latest trending news and go through the information displayed on your computer screen or served by your news application. Today you can get trending news all the day.

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Boris Johnson’s Heckled Luxembourg Visit For Brexit

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson had to face a perplexing situation during his recent visit to Luxembourg. He was there to negotiate a Brexit deal that he claimed was in his mind but EU said otherwise. They said Britain offered no deal to EU.

Lunch with EU President

The British Premier joined European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker for lunch at the Bouquet Garni restaurant. But he was heckled by hundreds of Britons from the beginning of his trip.

A group of retirees living in Luxembourg welcomed Johnson in Luxembourg with slogans and banners reading Fascist, Stop the coup, Tell the truth and Shame on Boris. But the situation at the restaurant was more difficult to handle.

A group of approximately 50 protestors was present at the restaurant gate to shame the British PM for his unwelcome exit from EU. The scene created at the restaurant forced Boris to leave without addressing the gathering.

Media briefing cancelled

Boris Johnson was to meet journalists at the restaurant but he cut short his visit citing the unruly mob as the reason behind his exit from the restaurant. But Luxembourg later addressed the protestors and raised questions regarding Britain’s un-ceremonial exit from EU. The crowd cheered to his voice.

Brexit and Boris Johnson Britain is set to exit EU on October 31 with or without deal. But Boris is hopeful of negotiating a deal with EU. On the other hand the EU president is of the opinion that Britain must come with an deal acceptable to the EU.


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Narendra Modi Visits Gujrat On His 69th Birthday

PM Narendra Modi turns 69 today. Last year, he celebrated his birthday with school children of his constituency Varanasi. But this year, he’s in Gujrat to pay tribute to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and inaugurate Namami Narmade Mahotsav.

Visit to the Statue of Unity

Narendra Modi visited the statue he inaugurated on the birth anniversary of Sardar Patel last year. There he paid tributes to the Iron Man of India and shared pictures of the jungle safari and cactus garden on social media. He praised the statue in his tweets and video.

Namami Narmade Mahotsav

PM Modi along with Gujrat CM Vijay Rupani came to the Narmada dam, he inaugurated in 2017 and offered prayers to river Narmada to mark the beginning of the NamamiNarmade Mahotsav.

Narmada dam would provide potable water to 131 urban centers and 9,633 villages that is 53% of Gujrat. Also, the dam would provide irrigation facility to 18.54 hectares, covering 3,112 villages in 15 districts of the state.

Visit to Duttatreya Mandir Later PM Modi visited the Duttatreya Mandir in Garudeshwar village and a children’s park. Finally, he addressed a public meeting at Kevadia, a town approximately 200 km from the state capital Ahmedabad


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Mystery Behind The Death Of Ric Ocasek Of The Cars

Today’s latest trending news is about the sad demise of Ric Ocasek, lead singer of The Cars, a famous Boston band of mid 70s. He was 75 and survived by his wife, the model Paulina Porizkova, and six sons.

Music career of Ric Ocasek

He formed The Cars with his high school friend Benjamin Orr in the mid-1970s in the Boston. They merged guitar rock with synthesizer-based pop and give hits like What I Needed, My Best Friend’s Girl and Good Times Roll.

The turning point in his life came in 1984 when he performed to get Live Aid for the Ethiopian famine. He used ballad Dive for background music to support footage of the famine.

Breakup of the band

In 1980s, Ocasek started his solo-journey as a producer for artist that include Weezer, Bad Religion and No Doubt. Benzamine Orr, the founding member of the band, died in 1980 from pancreatic cancer.

Reformation of the band

Ric Ocasek reformed his band by bringing the remaining members of The Cars together and produced the final album that got him Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2018. Ocasek was found unresponsive in his Manhattan home. His family members informed the police after that is yet to ascertain the cause of his death.


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PM Modi To Address 50,000 Indian-Americans Jointly With US President Trump

According to English news headlines, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump are going to create history on September 22 by jointly addressing more than 50,000 Indian-Americans in a joint rally at NRG Stadium in Houston.

What is this event?

PM Modi is going to address the Indian-American community in a mega Houston event “Howdy, Modi! Shared Dreams” organized by a non-profit Texas India Forum. It is a newly formed body of Indian-American organizations in the US.

What is the significance of the event?

It is the third major address by PM Modi and first after his reelection as Prime Minister. He first addressed Indian-Americans in 2014 at the Madison Square Garden in New York and the second time in 2016 in the Silicone Valley. Both the events were attended by 20,000 audience. But the third one on September 22 is going to be big with 50,000 audience have already registered for the event.

Modi Trump joint rally

Both the leaders displayed bonhomie by announcing the joint rally. Also, it would be the third meeting between the two leaders. The earlier two meetings were on the sidelines of G20 Summit in Japan in June and G7 Summit in France in July. India isn’t a member of G7 Summit but PM Modi was invited as a special guest by French President Emanuel Macron.

White House preparing for Howdy Modi event US President Trump agreed to jointly address the Indian-American community who he had promised to meet again during his election campaigns. Trump has promised to Indian-Americans that he would be the best friend of India, if elected to the office.

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8 Google Pays Tribute To BB King On His 94th Birthday With A Doodle On His Life

Today’s Google Doodles is the latest trending news on the web. Dedicated to late BB King on his 94th birth anniversary, the video features the true colors of the vibrant life of the iconic guitarist, singer-songwriter and record producer.

Who’s BB King?

Born in 1925 near a town called Itta Bena in Mississippi, BB King started his music career with recording in 1949 and soon became an iconic musician of his time. But he won the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the year 1987 after almost four decades of his music career.

Interesting incident of his life

It happened in 1949. BB King once ran into a burning nightclub to rescue his beloved guitar. The incident shows his love for music. He risked his life to save his guitar from burning.

Ruined personal life

BB King tied the knots two times but both the marriages ended in a failure. His first wife was Martha Lee Denthon and second wife was Sue Carol Hall. While BB King made a remarkable progress in his professional life, he had to struggle a lot to maintain a balance in his personal life that remained traumatic right from the beginning.

Famous tracks of BB King The Shrill is Gone and Every Day I have the Blues are his popular tracks but his first hit was “Three O’Clock Blues”. The Doodle illustration was produced by Little Rock-based guest artist Steve Spencer and animator NayeliLavanderos from Brooklyn. The Doodle video is the journey of personal and professional life of BB King.


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Engineers’ Day Is Celebration Of Live Of M. Visvesvaraya

Every year, September 15 is celebrated as Engineers’ Day to commemorate the birthday and the achievements of Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya, former Diwan of Mysore.

Who was Visvesvaraya?

Born on September 15, 1860, M. Visvesvaraya is known as an Indian civil engineer and statesman. He also served as 9th Diwan of Mysore from 1912 to 1919. His birthday is celebrated as Engineer’s Day in India, Sri Lanka and Tanzania.

Notable works

  • Worked in different cities under British Rule
  • Construction of Krishna Raja Sagara dam
  • Designing a flood protection system for Hyderabad
  • Protecting Visakhapatnam port from sea erosion
  • Making The Mysore Soap Factor
  • The State Bank of Mysore
  • Mysore Chamber of Commerce

Awards and Recognitions

  • Knighted as a Knight Commander of Order of Indian Empire (KCIE) by British in 1915
  • Barat Ratna in 1955

Engineers’ Day is a way to celebrate the life and work of Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya. On September 15, people visit his memorial to pay their tributes.


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A Cargo Ship With 4000 Hyundai Kia Cars Capsizes In The Coast Of Georgia

The latest in English news headlines is about a cargo ship with over 4000 cars on boardcapsized close to Georgia cost in America. Also, the ship caught fire after turning down but all the 20 crew members in the vessel were saved by a rescue party.

Who is the owner of the ship?

It is Golden Ray and this cargo ship belongs to a South Korean company Hyundai Glovis. The ship was used to transport cars. It left Brunswick Port of America with 4000 Hyundai Kia cars but soon start tilting to a side. According to port officials, they didn’t find any problem during loading of the vehicles. The captain of the ship sent emergency signals when the 80% of the vessel was tilted.

About Golden Ray

The cargo ship is 656 ft long and it weighs approximately 71,000 ton. The vessel was launched in 2017 and it can transport 6,933 cars at a time. The American National Transport Safety Board is inspecting the incident but it has yet to arrive at a conclusion. The rescue team saved all the crew members and took them to closest medical facility for a detailed examination. They will be released after complete physical checkup.

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Pro Kabaddi 2019 Season 7 Results: Patna Pirates Lag Behind With Only 4 Win Against 7 Of Jaipur Panthers

Patna Pirates take on Jaipur Panthers at the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Indoor Stadium in Kolkata in the Season 7 of Pro Kabaddi 2019. It would be their second big win after Tamil Thalaivas. But Jaipur Panthers are also eager to end their five-match winless streak.

Patna Pirates

These warriors are standing at the bottom place in the Season 7 and they desperately need a win to start ascending. They have won only 4 matches out of 14 in the Season 7. In the previous match with Tamil Thalaivas, they came out of their six-match losing streak by beating Tamil team with 51-25 score. But they need another victory to rise three places up and secure a playoffs spot the upcoming matches.

Jaipur Panthers

With 7 wins from 14 matches, Jaipur team is at a better position than their counterpart. Jaipur Panthers recently settled a crucial match with Haryana Steelers for tie and now they are looking for a win that can place them in Top 6 in the table. The skipper of Jaipur Panthers is high in spirit after scoring his fourth Super 10 of the season. Sandeep Dhull is also doing good but lack of team support could fail his attempts.

It is a crucial match for both the contestants – Patna Pirates and Jaipur Panthers – and the exciting thing is that both the teams seem to be in high spirit. While Patna Pirates need to strengthen their defense, Jaipur Panthers need to work on the team of the team support.


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