Ramiz Raja Say About India

What Will Happen To ODI World Cup 2023, If Doesn’t Play In Asia Cup 2023?

Assuming that India won’t play in Asia Cup 2023, Pakistan Cricket Board Chief Ramiz Raja cleared their stand that they won’t play in ODI World Cup 2023 scheduled just after the Asia Cup. It is to be noted that no international team has visited Pakistan since 2009 after the terrorist attack on the Sri Lanka team.


• Ramiz Raja set a condition for Pakistan to play in ODI World Cup 2023
• Pakistan didn’t play any international cricket on its soil after the 2009 terrorist attack on the Sri Lanka team
• England will visit Pakistan to play three Tests

What Did Ramiz Raja Say About India?

Ramiz Raja Say About India

“Our position is blunt”, he said. If India doesn’t play in Asia Cup 2023 in Pakistan, Pakistan won’t participate in ODI World Cup 2023 in India. “Let them play without Pakistan”, said Ramiz Raja. He further said that if Pakistan didn’t play in the world cup no one would see that.

He said that Pakistan had defeated the biggest business-making cricket team in the world. They had played in the final of the T20 World Cup. Ramiz Raja said that he had always said that they had to improve the economy of … Read the rest

Mr. Hotz Hired For Twitter

Elon Musk Hires An iPhone Hacker To Fix Twitter Bugs

After fixing his team, Elon Musk is focusing on fixing the “broken” search feature on the platform and removing the non-dismissible login pop-up. The pop-up appears every time someone tries to browse and these are the things that ruin the Internet. Mr. Hotz is already hired for this job.


• Musk hires Mr. Hotz as a Twitter intern for 12 weeks
• Hotz is a security hacker known for hacking iPhones

Who Is Mr. Hotz?

Mr. Hotz is a security hacker better known for developing jailbreaks for iOS in 2007. He also developed Play Station 3 reverse engineering. But it isn’t the first time that he is coming into contact with Elon Musk. The Twitter chief is already familiar with Mr. Hotz. He even tried to hire Hotz at Tesla but kept didn’t.

Mr. Hotz founded Comma.ai and according to Tech Crunch, he founded the company after getting into a fight with Musk during the Tesla episode. Hotz claimed that his firm will develop a driver assistance system that will equip other cars with Tesla Autopilot-like functionality. But Tesla claimed that it was “extremely unlikely” that Hotz could beat the Autopilot with his iPhone hacking skills. On the contrary, … Read the rest

Twitter T-Shirts

Twitter T-Shirts Go From “#StayWoke” to “#[email protected]” On Musk’s Orders

In his quest for a new Twitter, Elon Musk found a closet full of t-shirts with “#StayWoke” printed on them. And he got a creative idea to transform the tee to better represent the Twitter work culture. But his idea could trigger a bitter “culture clash” among Twitter employees.


• Elon Musk comes up with a new t-shirt design for Twitter
• He shared a video in which he shows “#StayWoke” tees neatly packed on shelves

See The Video Here

The video shows a black “#StayWoke” t-shirt and more “#StayWoke” tees in black and blue colors filled in the closet in the background. Elon Musk tweeted the video yesterday claiming to have found “#StayWoke” t-shirts stacked in a closet at his San Francisco office. The person holding the camera can be heard saying “Here we are at the merch thing and there is an entire closet of hashtag woke.”

What Is The New Twitter T-Shirt?

Twitter T-Shirts

Elon Musk is changing everything on Twitter and the latest in this series is the old “#StayWoke” t-shirt that Musk changed to “#[email protected]” to represent the new work culture of Twitter. But employees fear it could be a reason for a “culture clash” between … Read the rest

Brazil’s First World Cup Match Against Serbia

Predictions For Brazil’s First World Cup Match Against Serbia

Brazil will play its first match in Group G against Serbia at the Lusail Stadium on Thursday. Brazil last played with Serbia four years ago in a group match and came out victorious with a 2-0 score.


• Five-time world champions Brazil won their last world cup 20 years ago
• Brazil is the only nation in the history of FIFA to have qualified for every tournament
• Brazil has a fully-fit squad available for the Thursday match

Brazil Squad

Brazil Squad

Tite’s talented squad is oozing confidence, especially after their record-breaking performance in the CONMEBOL qualification campaign where Brazil collected 45 points after winning 14 out of 17 matches. Rest three matches were drawn. But two decades have passed since Brazil won its fifth world cup in Seoul. The pressure on Brazil – the No. 1 team by FIFA ranking – is to live up to the expectations of their fans. They have to improve their performance as they were knocked out at the quarter-final by Belgium four years ago.

Serbia Squad

Serbia Squad

Serbia is ranked 25th by FIFA but their performance in UEFA was quite impressive. They topped their group after winning 6 matches out of 8 and drawing the … Read the rest

Lycett Protesting Beckham’s Partnership With Qatar

See The Truth Behind Comedian Joe Lycett’s Shredding Of £10,000 ($17,800) Cash

Comedian Joe Lycett’s threat to David Beckham of shredding $1,700 in protest against the footballer’s Qatar World Cup partnership wasn’t a bogus call. But the comedian didn’t shred the cash in real either.


• Joe Lycett posted a video showing him shredding two piles of cash on Twitter on Sunday
• The comedian did the act to highlight Qatar’s poor record for the LGBTIQ+ community

What Happened To The cash?

On Sunday, Joe Lycett dropped a video of him walking up to a shredder with two piles of cash and dropping the bundles into the machine. But on Monday, he clarified in another video that the money wasn’t destroyed. He said that he would never destroy real money and he would never be so irresponsible. The 10 grand had already been donated to LGBTIQ+ charities.

Why Is Joe Lycett Protesting Beckham’s Partnership With Qatar?

Lycett Protesting Beckham’s Partnership With Qatar

The comedian described Beckham as a “gay icon” and referred to Beckham’s historic support of the LGBTIQ+ community. He said Beckham was the first premiership footballer to shoot with gay magazines like Attitude, to speak openly about Beckham’s gay fans, and the footballer married a Spice Girl, which was the gayest thing a human being … Read the rest

American Geologist Marie Tharp

Meet American Geologist Marie Tharp Who Produced The First Map Of the Ocean

Today’s Google Doodle is dedicated to Marie Tharp, the American geologist and oceanographic cartographer who helped in proving the theories of continental drift. Her work got her the title of one of the greatest cartographers of the 20th century.


• Marie Tharp worked at the Lamont Geological Observatory
• She co-produced the first map of the ocean floor with geologist Bruce Heezen

How Is 21 November Related To The Life Of Marie Tharp?

Born on July 30, 1920, in Ypsilanti, Michigan, Marie Tharp went on to become the first woman to work at the Lamont Geological Observatory where she did a great job under the supervision of geologist Bruce Heezen. Considering her work and observation, she was named one of the greatest cartographers of the 20th century by the Library of Congress on 21 November 1998.

American Geologist Marie Tharp

Work And Observations Of Marie Tharp

Marie Tharp was introduced to mapmaking by her father who worked for the US Department of Agriculture. A master in petroleum geology from the University of Michigan, Marie Tharp went to work at the Lamont Geology Observatory in 1948.

Marie Tharp produced maps of the mysterious ocean floor using the data gathered by Bruce Heezen. She developed … Read the rest