About Us

Hindustaantimes is started with the objective of investigating the truth behind trending news stories. We follow trends and see behind the news being published on the web. We bring complete stories to make complete pictures of trending news.

News is the much-explored area in the world and there is much to explore in news. Stories come from every nook and corner but it is the job of journalists to categorize the stories and publish them according to the need of the hour. That is why we follow trends to keep updated and publish the news that is most searched.

How we get news?

We have trustworthy sources in the World Wide Web. These sources provide us complete stories well in advance so that we get time to develop the stories and publish in a readable format. Also, we keep expanding our resources to get more details on current news. We keep an eye on the trending news and develop the stories that are in the best interests of the society and world polity.

What makes us different?

We are popular because of two reasons – timing and presentation. We present fact in a readable manner. We make stories interesting by dividing them into different sections. This way the stories become easy to understand and comprehend. For example, the readers don’t have to scroll up and down to collect facts.

We publish factful stories. Our efforts are to add as many facts as possible and we take care of dates, days, names, places and time. It is like making a picture with words. We also use pictures to substantiate out stories. And we again stress the point that we have trustworthy sources that provide us pictures of celebrities, keypersons, events and everything and everyone that makes news.

Proof of authenticity

We are regular at publishing news because we have audience from across the globe and having a large number of audiences proves that we publish authentic news. Each story is checked twice and facts corroborated before including in the stories. We get many stories and we work on many but only the interesting news goes for publication.

Future of journalism

We believe in working together with others. Our objective is to publish news that makes sense and we are ready to work an extra hour to write sensible stories. Our readership is growing because we compete with none but we work to fill the void.