Top 25 Hottest Actresses

  1. Mila Kunis

Born: 14 August 1983 (Soviet Ukraine)

She’s an American actress born in Soviet Ukraine from where she migrated to the US with her Jewish family and she began acting at the age of 14. And today she’s a Golden Globe award and numerous award nominations.

  1. Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried

Born: 3 December 1985 (Pennsylvania, US)

An American by birth and German by descent, Amanda Seyfried ventured into the field of acting at the age of 15 and went on to collect a wide and impressive selection of awards and award nominations.

  1. Hayden Panettiere
Hayden Panettiere

Born: 21 August 1989 (New York, US)

Daughter of a soap opera actress Lesley R. Vogel, Panettiere could be called a born actress. She started acting in commercials when she was just eleven months old. And she’s been receiving award nominations since the age of 9.

  1. Missy Peregrym
Missy Peregrym

Born: 16 June 1982 (Quebec, Canada)

The 2006 movie Stick It make Peregrym popular and then she became a household name with the television series Rookie Blue (2010-15) for which she even received a Canadian Screen Award.

  1. Rachel McAdams
Rachel McAdams

Born: 17 November 1978 (Ontario, Canada)

Rachel took her first acting lessons as a child in Disney and Shakespeare summer camps after which she started participating in Original Kids Theatre Company. She was 12 then.

  1. Shantel VanSanten
Shantel VanSanten

Born: 25 July 1985 (Minnesota, US)

A popular face of Teen Vogue and Seventeen, Shantel started her career as a teen model for Page Parkes Management. She was only 15 then. A confident Shantel then moved on to make a striking career in movies, television, music videos, and even video games.

  1. Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman

Born: 9 June 1981 (Jerusalem, Israel)

Born to Jewish parents with roots in Poland, … Read the rest

Natural Moisturizers In Kitchen

If you are still using conventional moisturizers then you are missing something very important that is available in your kitchen. While women the world over are replacing conventional creams and lotions with natural moisturizers, you are turning a blind eye towards the gems hidden in your kitchen.

Here’re 10 natural moisturizers available in your kitchen. Know about their benefits and use them according to your convenience.

  1. Oil

It’s time to say goodbye to your regular moisturizing creams and lotions. Natural oils are far more beneficial than a conventional moisturizer as they can hydrate and nourish all skin types and conditions. Whichever face oil you use, it won’t make your skin oily, and nor would it make you break out.

Face oils contain all good-for-you ingredients like polyphenols, fatty acids, and antioxidants that reduce skin inflammation and give it a dewy glow. And you can choose from a wide variety of face oils including coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, and olive oil. They will keep your skin healthy and plump all the time.

  1. Organic Honey
Organic Honey

This sticky substance is a great moisturizing agent. Acting as a natural humectant, it draws moisture from the air to the skin. Also, it has amazing hydrating power. It can make your skin soft, radiant, and shiny. There will be no dry feeling or dryness on the skin after you start using raw honey as a moisturizer.

Also, it is easier to apply organic honey to the skin. You simply need to leave the honey on your skin for 20 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. And you can get the skin treatment any time of the day. It also acts as a gentle exfoliator, scar fader, and fights acne.

  1. Aloe
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Bhagyashree’s Weight Loss Friendly Water Vegetables

Bhagyashree is following a weight loss diet and she wants the world to know about her healthy eating habits or what she likes to call a weight-loss-friendly diet.

She recently dropped a video on her Insta handle to share some amazing weight loss tips with her fans

Highlights Of The Video Post:

• Education on the importance of dietary changes in weight loss
• Force on consuming more water vegetables to replenish water
• Bhagyashree suggests vegetables for weight loss enthusiasts

Bhagyashree Starts Her Video Post With An Assurance….

She assures the viewers about the importance of dietary changes in food habits. She says making changes in food habits can help in weight loss and healthy living. And stresses her point by saying eating healthy and living healthy is an essential part of weight loss.

Weight Loss Tips

Bhagyashree’s Weight Loss  tips

She advises people to have water vegetables that contain more water as it is essential for the human body. All major metabolic functions of the human body require water to flush out toxins from the body.

She further stresses her point of having more vegetables with more water content by saying that the human body is made of 70% water. She says that people should consume water and eating water vegetables is the easiest way of replenishing water is to add water vegetables into your diet.

Bhagyashree suggests vegetables like bottle gourd, spinach, tomatoes, cabbage, cucumber, lettuce, and zucchini. These vegetables have water. Also, they can add dietary fiber to your diet. They will help maintain your insulin level in addition to aiding in digestion and replenishing water in your body.


The Maine Pyaar Kiya actress is following a healthy diet and she wants to share her experience with her … Read the rest

Friends’ Rachel Green Wore Tight Clothes Because Jennifer Aniston Was Comfortable In Those Clothes

Rachel Green of Friends was often seen in skin-tight clothes and Jennifer Aniston, who essayed the role of Rachel, was quite comfortable in those figure-hugging crop tops or skirts. The 52-year-old actress made the revelation in a recent conversation with Howard Stern.

Jennifer Aniston said on the sets of Sirius XM’s The Howard Stern Show….

She revealed that none of the crew members or even the audiences said that the outfits the Friends’ girls were wearing should be tighter and skimpier. She further went on to say that all the Friends’ female casts were comfortable in their outfits.

Jennifer Aniston recently appeared in the Carpool Karaoke segment of The Late Late Show with James Corden. She even sang I’ll Be There For You at the show.

Jennifer Aniston was ready to debate anything about her outfits….

When asked whether she wore a bra or not, Jennifer Aniston candidly replied to that question. She said that that was a topic of conversation. And the discussion on outfits of Friends’ female cast continued with other women included in the topic.

Someone wasn’t comfortable in tight clothes….

While Jennifer Aniston has no remorse for wearing figure-hugging tops, Lisa Kudrow raised a concern about those clothes. She said that since she has a different body type, she didn’t feel comfortable in tighter outfits. Lisa Kudrow played the role of Phoebe Buffay in Friends.

Lisa even compared her body to Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox AKA Monica Geller. Lisa said that while it wasn’t all horrible in those clothes but that she felt bigger in tighter outfits. Also, that she felt that her clothes were full of volume when she saw the show.

Friends’ reunion

All the star cast of Friends met on a … Read the rest

Marlin Munroe’s Look-Alike Jasmine Chiswell Lives In Marlin Munroe’s Home

A Marlin Monroe look-alike came to live in the Hollywood home of Monroe after almost 65 years after the “blonde bombshell” move out of the home. She would have turned 95 on Tuesday had she been alive.

Who is this look-alike of Marlin Monroe?

Scottish-born Jasmine Chiswell, 27, is blessed to be a look-alike of the most popular American actress, model, and singer Marlin Monroe. Her facial features – bubbly smile and chic vintage style – matches perfectly with those of “Some Like It Hot” star. And the fact that she lives in the home where the late actress lived has earned her 11.6 million followers on TikTok alone.

How did Jasmine Chiswell bought Marlin Monroe’s home?

In 2018, Jasmine Chiswell was looking for a Hollywood home with her husband, Maverick who’s a music producer, when they stumbled upon the exclusive Outpost Estates area near the Hills. Later then found that the property belonged to Marlin Munroe.

She said that they fell in love with that home. But it wasn’t because it belonged to Marlin Munroe but the home reminded her of Scotland in a really bizarre way.

They bought the four-bedroom home for $2.73 million and moved into the property in 2019. It is an expansive 3,335-square-foot home that gives views of Runyon Canyon from every room. It boasts of a huge terrace stemming from a swanky living area comprised of an al fiasco dining and a grotto-like pool and spa.

Jasmine Chiswell is happy to be at Marlin Munroe’s home as evident from the pictures of the home she shared on social media. Also, she’s expecting her first child in this home.

When did Marlin Munroe live in that home?

Munroe lived in that home only for … Read the rest

Ariana Grande Shares Pictures Of Her Strapless Lily-White Silk Wedding Gown On Instagram

The pop goddess Ariana Grande tied the knot with realtor Dalton Gomez, who she’s been dating for a year. They got engaged in December last year. Today, she shared pictures of the wedding to celebrate the joy of being married with her fans.

It was a private function….

Ariana Grande decorated her home in Montecito, which she bought from Ellen DeGeneres, with suspended flowers and filled it with a candlelit glow. But the gathering was limited to 20 guests including family and friends.

Everyone’s talking about Ariana Grande’s lily-white gown….

Ariana Grande walked the aisle dressed in a beautiful lily-white gown designed by Vera Wang, the celebrity wedding-dress designer of Hollywood couples. And she designed a customized piece for Ariana Grande.


It was a strapless lily-white silk gown with corseted top and Ariana Grande paired it with towering heels to underline the gown. For hairstyle, she chose a classic half-up, half-down hair under a veil. Also, she adored her hairdo with a decent satin bow.

Mimi Cuttrell paired her gown with pearl and diamond earrings by Lorraine Schwartz. She also gave a perfect shoulder-length veil to the satin bow. Mimi Cuttrell is a preferred stylist by Hollywood celebrities like Hadid sisters, Ava Max, and Normani.

Some critics compared Ariana Grande’s wedding look with Audrey Hepburn’s look in the movie Funny Face (1957). That look was also styled by Mimi Cuttrell.

Dalton Gomez also looked fairly handsome in a black suit designed by Tom Ford. He chose black which is in contrast to the ivory-white wedding gown of Ariana Grande.

Ariana Grande’s mother penned an emotional note….

Her mother Joan Grande said that their little Nickelodeon star had all grown up. Her parents were happy with the marriage. They congratulated … Read the rest

Kelly Osbourne’s Slimmer Face And Neck Triggers Rumors About Plastic Surgery

Kelly Osbourne’s latest video where the television personality is seen slamming the “stupid” plastic surgery remark by an online chatter has amassed over 320,000 views. Also, celebrities including Vanessa Hudgens and “Dancing with the Stars” pro Cheryl Burke praised the remark.

Let’s go through the chronology of the events leading to the latest video….

Kelly Osbourne posted a new selfie with a slimmer face and neck. While the 36-year-old looks gorgeous, her new looks stirred a buzz around her latest look. One said that it was a surgical cosmetic treatment, while others asked whether she had done her lips.

Miffed with these remarks, the daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne decided to give a fitting reply to all those odd remarks over her new looks.

Kelly Osbourne made a new video to silence all the speculations about the secret of her new looks. In the video, she made it clear to all that she hadn’t done plastic surgery.

She replied that she just wanted to bring up the topic that those guys were talking about because. She further said that she was always honest and upfront about what she had done to her body, who she was, and she had not had plastic surgery.

The video was captioned “Let’s squash these stupid rumors!!! Can’t you just be happy for me?”

She insisted that she had never done anything to her face and that she only had a couple of injections in lips, jaw, and forehead.

Kelly Osbourne has always been candid about her beauty and looks. She also revealed losing 85-pound weight loss last October.

She concluded the video by saying that she didn’t lie. Also, she thanked the online fans for that compliment with a grin.

The video … Read the rest

Olivia Rodrigo Receives A handwritten Letter From Taylor Swift

Olivia Rodrigo was excited to release her debut album “Sour” but she’s more excited about the letter she received from Taylor Swift. Also, she credited Taylor Swift for her track “1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back.”

18-year-old pop megastar gives credit to the US megastar….

The track “1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back” looks to be inspired by Taylor’s 2017 LP” Reputation”. Also, Olivia gives credit to the popularity of this track and the album to Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift’s “New Year’s Day” track has its impression on “1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back” and Olivia happily accepts that she is inspired by Taylor Swift. She eve credits Jack Antonoff, co-author and co-producer of “Shake It Off.”

Olivia Rodrigo spills beans about her love for Taylor Swift….

She said that she admitted the US megastar Taylor Swift so much that she wanted to do a duet with Swift. She said that Taylor Swift’s 2010 record was her favorite and that she also wanted to be featured in re-recording of Taylor Swift’s tracks.

Olivia Rodrigo received a letter from the US megastar….

The pop megastar was excited to give details of the letter she received from the 31-year US megastar. It was a handwritten letter that Taylor Swift penned for Olivia Rodrigo. But Olivia didn’t give many details about the content of the letter authored by former Grammy-winner.

Olivia Rodrigo happily told that the US megastar sent her best wishes to Olivia Rodrigo. Also, Taylor Swift wrote that she believed that Olivia Rodrigo would make her luck. And it was a big thing for the young pop star that has recently shot to fame.

Olivia Rodrigo loves Taylor Swift’s album “Speak Now” and she wants to get featured on a … Read the rest

From Reviving Underboob Bikinis To Trademark Filing, Kylie Jenner Looks For A Big Leap In Swimwear Industry

Kylie Jenner is preparing for a big launch in the swimwear brand. The World Sleep Day Committee of the World The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star has already filed to trademark “Kylie Swim” and “Kylie Swim By Kylie Jenner.”

Kylie Jenner has applied to trademark a wide range of beach items….

She’s added a full list of accessories essential for beach parties. Or it will be more appropriate to say that Jenner has tried to include everything people need for beach vacations. She needs a trademark for bikinis, cover-ups, footwear, headwear, sunglasses, swim goggles, floats, and towels. The application filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office even includes beach bags and backpacks to tote the beach essentials offered.

Recent trademarks of Kylie Jenner….

In 2019, the makeup mogul applied for a trademark for “Kylie Body,” “Kylie Baby” and “Kylie Hair” but this time, she needs a trademark for essentials that fall on categories outside of makeup and skincare. And she’s chosen swimwear and beach essential for trademark.

Swimwear brand is natural to the Kardashian family….

The famous family is often seen making headlines for their bikini snaps. The world has seen Kim and Kourtney Kardashian jump-starting the velour swimwear trend through their pictures. Also, the fans have seen Jenner reviving underboob bikinis. Together the Kardashian sisters keep creating ripples in the swimwear industry through their choice of bikinis.

A recent picture features Kylie Jenner, 23, twinning with her 3-year-old daughter, Stormi Webster in matching bikinis. It seems Jenner could rely on the youngest model from her family to showcase her brand.

Senior Kardashian also files for trademark….

The mother of Kardashian sisters, Kris, 65, seems to be obsessed with trademark as she has also applied for … Read the rest

Miss Mexico, Andrea Meza, 26, Won Miss Universe 2021 Title In A Political Event

Miss Mexico, Andrea Meza, 26, was crowned Miss Universe 2021 on Sunday night in Hollywood, Florida. While it is an apolitical function, Miss Myanmar gave it a political touch by highlighting the plight of her country.

Here’s how the event unfolded after one year of pandemic-infused cancellation….

The 21 finalists were on the stage, revealing their costume designs and giving performances before the judges. American actor Mario Lopez and television personality Olivia Culpo were hosting the event and assisting the competition analysts and commentators that include winner of the 2017 title Demi-Leigh Tebow and former Miss Universe contestants Cheslie Kryst and Paulina Vega.

The competition drew close between Mexico, Brazilian, and Peruvian finalists and the panelists voted for Miss Mexico. Andrea Meza finished first and crowned Miss Universe 2021 in the grand event.

The world saw Andrea Meza being crowned….

A teary-eyed Andrea Meza performed the catwalk in a sparkling red evening gown for the first time as Miss Universe 2021 and rushed back to get a group hug from fellow contestants on finishing the catwalk.

Miss Myanmar gave the event a political touch….

Miss Myanmar, Thuzar Wint Lwin made up to the top 21 and used the precious time to draw the attention of the world towards the plight of her country.

She said that their people were dying and being shot by the military every day. She urged everyone in the event to talk about Myanmar. Her pictures of taking part in anti-coup protests were also displayed in her biographical video.

Miss Myanmar, Thuzar Wint Lwin won the award for the best national costume. Dressed in a beaded outfit in a traditional Burmese pattern, she displayed a card that read “Pray for Myanmar.” Myanmar is witnessing violence … Read the rest