Marlin Munroe’s Look-Alike Jasmine Chiswell Lives In Marlin Munroe’s Home

A Marlin Monroe look-alike came to live in the Hollywood home of Monroe after almost 65 years after the “blonde bombshell” move out of the home. She would have turned 95 on Tuesday had she been alive.

Who is this look-alike of Marlin Monroe?

Scottish-born Jasmine Chiswell, 27, is blessed to be a look-alike of the most popular American actress, model, and singer Marlin Monroe. Her facial features – bubbly smile and chic vintage style – matches perfectly with those of “Some Like It Hot” star. And the fact that she lives in the home where the late actress lived has earned her 11.6 million followers on TikTok alone.

How did Jasmine Chiswell bought Marlin Monroe’s home?

In 2018, Jasmine Chiswell was looking for a Hollywood home with her husband, Maverick who’s a music producer, when they stumbled upon the exclusive Outpost Estates area near the Hills. Later then found that the property belonged to Marlin Munroe.

She said that they fell in love with that home. But it wasn’t because it belonged to Marlin Munroe but the home reminded her of Scotland in a really bizarre way.

They bought the four-bedroom home for $2.73 million and moved into the property in 2019. It is an expansive 3,335-square-foot home that gives views of Runyon Canyon from every room. It boasts of a huge terrace stemming from a swanky living area comprised of an al fiasco dining and a grotto-like pool and spa.

Jasmine Chiswell is happy to be at Marlin Munroe’s home as evident from the pictures of the home she shared on social media. Also, she’s expecting her first child in this home.

When did Marlin Munroe live in that home?

Munroe lived in that home only for a few years before marrying DiMaggio in 1954. The couple lived happily in that home for nine months before divorcing. Now her look-alike has come to live in that home.


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