How Cassandra Monique Batie Became Andra Day?

Oscar-nominee Andra Day is an American singer, songwriter, and actress, but it isn’t her real introduction. She was born in December 1984 as Cassandra Monique Batie but debuted as a singer in 2015 as Andra Day. So, Andra Day is her stage name.

The story behind changing to Andra Day….

Cassandra Monique Batie was so inspired by Billie Holiday that she changed her stage name to Andra Day. It is to be noted that Billie Holiday was popularly called “Lady Day”.

Singing was natural to Andra Day….

Andra Day gives credit for her incredible voice to the First United Methodist Church in Chula Vista where she used to sing gospel songs in her younger days. One day, the legendary Stevie Wonder discovered Andra Day singing and offered her a break in the music industry. Day said that she got a call from Stevie Wonder and first of all, she didn’t believe that.

Her relationship with Hollywood star Brad Pitt….

Andra Day and Brad Pitt are in a relationship but they are silent on this topic. Rumors are flying high on social media and their friend circles about their possible union because they have neither confirmed nor denied the rumors. It seems they are also enjoying the present status of their relationship.

How did it start….

It started in April during the Oscar ceremony when they both were sighted backstage. They were involved in some personal chitchat and sharing some friendly gestures, they exchanged their phone numbers. While number exchange could be a professional gesture but their friends say that it was personal.

Andra Day’s success story….

She rose to fame with her debut song in 2015. It was “Rise Up” and this song catapulted Day to fame overnight. She earned a Grammy nomination for this song. Also, Day is starring in The United States vs. Billie Holiday movie by Hulu.

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