5G Services Launched Today

10 Highlights Of 5G Services In The Country

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched 5G services at an event today. Over the next couple of years, the services will cover the entire length and breadth of the country. PM is hopeful of a big economic impact of the 5G services.

10 Highlights Of 5G Services Launched Today

5G Services Launched Today
  1. The 5G service is capable of supporting ultra-high-speed Internet throughout the country.
  2. It is expected to become a new transformational force unleashing new economic opportunities and societal benefits for Indian society.
  3. The cumulative impact of 5G services is estimated to reach $450 billion by 2035.
  4. The three major telecom companies in the country demonstrated the potential of 5G technology before the PM.
  5. Each telecom operator demonstrated one use case of the latest technology during the launch.
  6. According to experts, the manufacturing sector is expected to be benefitted most (12%) followed by agriculture (11%).
  7. 5G will account for more than a third of total mobile connections in the country by 2030. The share for 2G and 3G services is further dwindling to less than 10%.
  8. India’s high level of 4G adoption (79%) provides a strong base for the establishment and spread of 5G services throughout the country.
  9. The government has set a target
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Quick Fix For The Problem

iPhone 14 Pro Camera Problem And Solution

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max have been reporting an issue with the rear camera since the phones were launched but Apple took a time to confirm the problem and promised a solution ‘early next week’.


• The rear camera of the iPhone 14 shakes with a rattling noise when used for popular apps
• The problems seem to be in software instead of hardware
• Apple confirms a quick solution to the problem

What Is The Issue With iPhone 14 Camera?

Issue With iPhone 14 Camera

The new iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max come with a 48 MP rear camera. But this camera is incompatible with popular apps like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. The issue is with the optical image stabilization (OIS) system of the rear lens. While the OIS is expected to stabilize the unwanted camera shake, it does just the opposite due to a bug in the software.

What did Apple say About The Issue?

Apple confirmed the issue to Bloomberg and said that the issue was a fixable software problem instead of a major issue with the iPhone’s hardware. The manufacturer further said that the owners need not return their iPhones for repair. Earlier … Read the rest

Sunder Pichai Meet Indian Envoy

Sunder Pichai Visited Indian Embassy To Discuss These Things

In a series of meetings with American CEOs, India’s Ambassador to the US, Taranjit Singh Sandhu met Google CEO Sunder Pichai at the Indian Embassy in Washington. It was the first-ever visit by an Indian American CEO to the embassy. Earlier Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal had met several American CEOs during his California trip early this month.


• Sunder Pichai visited Indian Embassy to discuss Google’s commitment to India
• Google has made massive investments in India under Sunder Pichai
• Sunder Pichai and the Indian envoy discussed digitalization efforts in India

Why Did Sunder Pichai Meet Indian Envoy?

Sunder Pichai Meet Indian Envoy

Sunder Pichai was in Indian Embassy to discuss the various aspects of Google’s activities in India, especially in the push toward digitalization. He thanked the Indian Envoy for the great conversation and said that he was looking forward to continuing their support for India’s digital future. Mr. Pichai was named among the 17 awardees to receive Padma Bhushan in January.

What Is Google’s Commitment To India?

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iPhone 13 On Amazon & Flipkart

This Site Is Offering Biggest Discount On iPhone 13 Series

Apple could launch the next generation of the iPhone 14 series alongside the Apple Watch Series 8 today in the ‘Far Out’ event. But the sale of the iPhone 13 series phone is gathering much attention.


• iPhone 13 is currently retailing at a discounted price on various e-commerce platforms in India
• E-commerce retailers are offering EMI options for iPhone 13
• iPhone 13 128 GB costs Rs. 69,999

If you are looking for an iPhone, it is the right time to get your phone. iPhone 13 is available on both Amazon and Flipkart at a discounted price. Also, you can check the EMI option on Multipl to make it more affordable.

iPhone 13 On Amazon & Flipkart

iPhone 13 On Amazon & Flipkart

Both the e-commerce giants are offering iPhone 13 with an exchange offer. But Flipkart is offering an additional discount of Rs. 2,000 on HDFC credit cards. But if you want to avail the best exchange offer, you should check both Amazon and Flipkart to get the best value for your phone.

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Apple Is Fined Over $2 Million

Apple Is Fined Over $2 Million For This Reason

Apple will pay a fine of over $2 million for selling iPhones without a charger in Brazil. Also, the government has barred the US tech giant from selling iPhones in Brazil until further notification. In reply, Apple gave the excuse of environmental protection for removing chargers from iPhones.


• Apple is barred from doing business in Brazil for selling incomplete product
• Apple said it removed chargers from iPhones for environmental protection
• Brazil trashed the excuse and fined Apple 12.28 million reais

Why Did Brazil Fine Apple?

Apple Is Fined Over $2 Million

Brazil accused Apple of discriminatory practices in selling iPhones and ordered the California-based company to pay 12.28 million reais (nearly $2.4 million) in fine. Apple was selling iPhones without a battery charger. The Brazilian authorities also released an official note barring the sale of iPhone brand smartphones, regardless of model or generation that are not accompanied by a battery charger. The Department of Consumer Protection and Defense of Brazil effectively prohibits the sale of all iPhone 12 and 13 models.

What Are The Discriminatory Practices Apple Is Accused For?

Since December, the Brazilian authorities were investigating Apple for selling iPhone 12s and newer versions without chargers for power outlets. The authorities … Read the rest

Mr. Pathole Meet Elon Musk

See Who Is Tesla Chief Is Talking To In India

Tesla Chief Elon Musk is a prolific user of Twitter with 103 million followers and he tweets over 30 times a day to all those following him. But there is one person, who can boast of having a candid conversation about plenary conquest with Musk.

Meet Pranay Pathole….

Mr. Pathole Meet Elon Musk

The 23-year-old Indian software engineer from Pune is a friend of the world’s richest man. And their friendship isn’t a recent one. It has blossomed over the years. Mr. Pathole was just a teenager when Elon Musk started replying to his tweets. Mr. Pathole lives with his parents in an upper-middle-class home in Pune. Like Elon Musk, Mr. Pathole is also an ardent user of Twitter. He works in Tata Consultancy Services.

How Did They Become Friends?

It started in 2018 when Mr. Pathole then 19 pointed out a flaw in Tesla’s automatic windshield wipers. And to his surprise, Elon Musk replied “fixed in next release”. It was a software update that the world’s richest man with a net worth of $266 billion was updating for.

Mr. Pathole said that he was blown away by seeing Musk replying to his tweets. Afterward, Elon Musk started replying to Mr. Pathole’s tweets and also … Read the rest