Twitter’s Revenue Down By 40% Reports Platformer Reporter

Twitter has been losing its revenue since its takeover by billionaire Elon Musk. The Tesla CEO has employed many ways to make the micro-blogging website a fruitful business but he needs some more time to set the house in order.


• Twitter’s revenue falls by 40% according to independent reports

Who Reported Twitter’s Falling Revenue?

Twitter’s Falling Revenue

The report is a tweet from a Platformer reporter’s Twitter account. It claims that the micro-blogging site has been losing its revenue faster and that the revenue has been down by 40% just a week before the billionaire owner’s first giant interest payment on the company is due at the end of January. The tweet was published on Tuesday.


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Buy Tesla’s Bestselling EV Cars At 20% Less Price In The US And Europe

Tesla will reduce the price of its best-selling electric vehicle (EV) models in the coming days. The electric car maker said that the prices of its cars would be dropped up to 20% in the US and Europe.


• Tesla announced a price cut of up to 20% on its best-selling EV models for the US and Europe
• The price cut is announced amid the tough competition Tesla is facing in the growing EV market

Why Is Tesla Reducing The Prices Of Its Bestselling EV Models?

Tesla started a price war with rivals, especially GM and Ford to retain its market share in the EV market. The price cut was announced on Friday and it had its impact on Tesla shares which fell as much as 4.5% in early trading on Friday. Though some were recovered later in the day. But overall Tesla’s shares have plummeted for more than a year.

Tesla Reducing The Prices Of Its Bestselling EV Models

What Do Experts Say About Tesla’s Price Cut?

The Wall Street Journal said in a report that the discount made that possible for buyers of Tesla’s US-built Model Y to take advantage of a tax credit in the US by bringing the price of the car below a $55,000 cap.

But Analyst Dan Ives of Wedbush Securities has a different opinion on Tesla. He said that that was no secret that demand for Tesla was starting to see some cracks in the global slowdown for 2023.

Dan Ives called the price cut the “right move” and “a clear shot across the bow at European automakers and US stalwarts (GM and Ford) that Tesla was not going to play nice in the sandbox.… Read the rest

Investors Pushed Apple Inc. To Cut The Pay Package Of CEO Tim Cook To Over 40%

Apple Inc. has accepted the request of its Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook to cut his compensation by more than 40% in 2023. He took this step after the company drew criticism from investor forums that Cook’s stock would continue to vest post-retirement.


• Tim Cook’s compensation is reduced from $99.4 million to $49 million on his request and demand of investor forums
• Apple Inc. was under criticism from investor forums for rewarding Tim Cook with more stocks

How Much Compensation Was Tim Cook Drawing?

In 2021, Tim Cook’s total pay package was $98.7 million. But Apple Inc. raised his compensation to $99.4 million in 2022. It includes $3 million in base salary, about $83 million in stock awards, and a bonus.

Mr Cook will draw a package of $49 million including the $3 million salary and $6 million bonus, as well as an equity award value of $40 million. His equity award value in 2022 was $75 million. But how much Cook draws as compensation would base on the company’s stock performance.

Cut The Pay Package Of CEO Tim Cook To Over 40%

The 62-year-old CEO has pledged to give away his wealth to charitable causes.

The percentage of stock units awarded to Cook and tied to Apple’s performance would increase to 75% in 2023 from 50%, as well as in future years, said Apple Inc. in a regulatory filing Thursday.

The company said that his latest compensation was based on “balanced shareholder feedback, Apple’s exceptional performance, and a recommendation from Mr. Cook. The iPhone maker also plans to “position Mr. Cook’s annual target compensation between the 80th and 90th percentiles relative to their primary peer group for future years.

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This Is Steve Jobs Talking About Computers With Playboy Magazine In 1985

A Twitter user Soleio posted an old interview of Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs with Playboy magazine. In this candid interview, Steve Jobs is seen talking about making computers and mistakes. The caption of the post reads “Every time I use ChatGPT, I’m reminded of Steve Jobs describing it in this Playboy interview, Feb 1985.”


• An old interview of Steve Jobs with Playboy magazine has surfaced on the Internet
• In the interview, Jobs talked about computer programming

Why Did Soleio Mention Steve Jobs In The Post?

Soleio said that every time he used ChatGPT, he was reminded of Steve Jobs describing that in the Feb 1985 Playboy interview. Steve Jobs talked about how computers were going to affect the quality of thinking as more and more had those tools available to them. Humans were tool users.

Steve Jobs further talked about how computers could capture the fundamental, underlying principals of an experience. In another tweet, Soleio said that he particularly loved knowing that that was the Steve Jobs who just shipped the Macintosh and was months from being ousted.

Steve Jobs Say In That Interview

What Did Steve Jobs Say In That Interview?

Steve Jobs talked about what computer programming could do. He said a computer could capture the underlying principles, and underlying essence and then facilitate thousands of experiences based on the perception of the underlying principles.


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Why Elon Musk Won’t Resign From Twitter?

Keeping his promise of stepping down as chief executive of Twitter on public demand, Elon Musk said that he was ready to step down as soon as a replacement is available. Musk ran a poll on Saturday and offered to step down on Sunday.


• Elon Musk offered to resign from Twitter following a poll result
• Tesla management also wants Elon Musk to focus on the electric vehicle business

What Was The Saturday Poll On Musk’s Resignation?

On Saturday evening, Elon Musk launched a poll on whether he should resign from Twitter. Also, he promised to abide by the poll results. And the results were astonishing. A total of 17.5 million participated in the poll and 57.5% of the voters said “Yes”.

The results are out on Sunday and Elon Musk offered to resign on Tuesday on the condition that there should be a suitable replacement for the top post.

Why Did Musk Ask For A Poll On His Resignation?

Tesla management was also questioning Musk’s involvement in social media and how his focus on Twitter was distracting him from running the EV maker. Also, Elon Musk has admitted that he has too much on his plate and that he would look for a CEO for Twitter.

How Is Musk Looking For His Replacement On Twitter?

Musk Looking For His Replacement On Twitter

Presently there is no successor in sight and no one is ready to take the responsibility of keeping Twitter alive. But Musk won’t relinquish all his responsibilities. He will keep some key divisions … Read the rest

Will Elon Musk Unsuspend Journalists On Public Demand?

Elon Musk responds to the poll results on the suspension of several journalists belonging to prominent organizations including CNN, The New York Times, and the Washington Post. Musk had suspended journalists following the recent policy of prohibiting sharing of live location information.


• Elon Musk accused several journalists from prominent media houses of endangering his family
• Now Twitter has a policy prohibiting sharing of live location information
• In a poll result, 43% of users voted to revive suspended accounts of journalists Now

What Was The Incident That Led To The Suspension Of Journalists?

Elon Musk first suspended an account that tracked his private jet. The Twitter boss called the move necessary, especially after “a crazy stalker” followed a car carrying one of his children in Los Angeles. He even blamed the account tracking his jet for following his kids.

Musk said that any account doxxing real-time location info of anyone would be suspended, as it was a physical safety violation. That includes posting links to sites with real-time location info. Posting locations someone traveled to on a slightly delayed basis wasn’t a safety problem, so was ok.

Soon after Musk suspended the accounts of half-a-dozen journalists from prominent organizations after some of them reported on the suspension of the jet tracker. He called them “assassination coordinates” for his family but furnished no claim for the blame.

Elon Musk Unsuspend Journalists On Public Demand


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Elon Musk Hires An iPhone Hacker To Fix Twitter Bugs

After fixing his team, Elon Musk is focusing on fixing the “broken” search feature on the platform and removing the non-dismissible login pop-up. The pop-up appears every time someone tries to browse and these are the things that ruin the Internet. Mr. Hotz is already hired for this job.


• Musk hires Mr. Hotz as a Twitter intern for 12 weeks
• Hotz is a security hacker known for hacking iPhones

Who Is Mr. Hotz?

Mr. Hotz is a security hacker better known for developing jailbreaks for iOS in 2007. He also developed Play Station 3 reverse engineering. But it isn’t the first time that he is coming into contact with Elon Musk. The Twitter chief is already familiar with Mr. Hotz. He even tried to hire Hotz at Tesla but kept didn’t.

Mr. Hotz founded and according to Tech Crunch, he founded the company after getting into a fight with Musk during the Tesla episode. Hotz claimed that his firm will develop a driver assistance system that will equip other cars with Tesla Autopilot-like functionality. But Tesla claimed that it was “extremely unlikely” that Hotz could beat the Autopilot with his iPhone hacking skills. On the contrary, Hotz was determined to prove Elon Musk wrong.

Mr. Hotz Hired For Twitter

How Is Mr. Hotz Hired For Twitter?

Mr. Hotz appreciated the ultimatum Musk gave to his employees to “go extremely hardcore” or leave. Elon Musk asked him to join Twitter to fix the broken search function and remove the non-dismissible login pop-up. But it will be a 12 weeks internship period and Mr. Hotz has to perform and give results to continue his association with Twitter and Elon Musk.

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Twitter T-Shirts Go From “#StayWoke” to “#Stay@Work” On Musk’s Orders

In his quest for a new Twitter, Elon Musk found a closet full of t-shirts with “#StayWoke” printed on them. And he got a creative idea to transform the tee to better represent the Twitter work culture. But his idea could trigger a bitter “culture clash” among Twitter employees.


• Elon Musk comes up with a new t-shirt design for Twitter
• He shared a video in which he shows “#StayWoke” tees neatly packed on shelves

See The Video Here

The video shows a black “#StayWoke” t-shirt and more “#StayWoke” tees in black and blue colors filled in the closet in the background. Elon Musk tweeted the video yesterday claiming to have found “#StayWoke” t-shirts stacked in a closet at his San Francisco office. The person holding the camera can be heard saying “Here we are at the merch thing and there is an entire closet of hashtag woke.”

What Is The New Twitter T-Shirt?

Twitter T-Shirts

Elon Musk is changing everything on Twitter and the latest in this series is the old “#StayWoke” t-shirt that Musk changed to “#Stay@Work” to represent the new work culture of Twitter. But employees fear it could be a reason for a “culture clash” between them.

According to the new work culture, Twitter supports a no-holds-barred work ethic. Also, Elon Musk has already asked his executives and engineers to work “extremely hardcore” or leave. It was an ultimatum given to them in a recent meeting. He axed those who are in disagreement with Musk.

Shortly after taking the control of social media, Elon Musk fired almost half the workforce and removed those who disagree with him or his work culture.… Read the rest

Software Engineers Asked To Meet Musk In Person After Mass Exodus From Twitter

Elon Musk continues to overhaul Twitter despite facing criticism for his radical measures including long intense hours of work. In the latest step, Musk asked all software engineers to Twitter’s San Francisco office at 2 pm today.


• Twitter software engineers are asked to report at the San Francisco office today
• Software engineers were told to send a summary of what their coding has achieved in the past
• Elon Musk wants to understand the Twitter tech stack with this meeting

Twitter’s New Order For Software Engineers

Software engineers received an SOS to fly to San Francisco to reach the 10th-floor office at 2 pm today for an urgent meeting. It has been made mandatory for all engineers to attend the meeting except those who can’t physically access the Bay Area or have family emergencies.

Software Engineers Asked To Meet Musk

What Is The Reason For This Urgent Meeting?

This meeting will help Musk “understand the Twitter tech stack”. The engineers are told to come prepared with a bullet-pointed summary with 10 screenshots of the most salient lines of what their coding work has achieved in the past six months. The meeting would be short said a follow-up email.

Why Are Twitter Employees Resigning?

A day before, 1,200 employees resigned forcing Twitter to close its office as a protest to an “extremely hardcore” work environment after Musk asked them to commit to intense long hours of work or lose their jobs.

Elon Musk has already fired 7,500 employees, scrapped the work-from-home policy, and imposed long working hours to overhaul the social media company.


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See Elon Musk’s Witty Reply To Pranksters Criticizing Mass Layoff On Twitter

Elon Musk tweeted a picture of him posing with two people with the caption “Welcoming back Ligma & Johnson!” this gives the impression that Ligma and Johnson have been hired by the microblogging site and the CEO is welcoming them. But the truth is just the opposite.


• Elon Musk shared a picture with two pranksters who were criticizing the layoffs at Twitter

• The latest tweet is seen as a witty reply to pranksters

• There is no information about Twitter re-hiring fired employees

Let’s Study Musk’s Tweet

Musk tweeted the picture and captioned “Welcoming back Ligma & Johnson!” Soon after he sent the second tweet adding that it was important to admit when he was wrong & firing employees was truly one of his biggest mistakes.

The billionaire admitted his mistake and welcomed the two employees – Rahul Lgma and Daniel Johnson. But they weren’t ex-employees of Twitter. They are pranksters and the tweet was a fitting reply to their pranks.

Elon Musk’s Witty Reply To Pranksters

What Was The Prank Musk Replied To?

As soon as Twitter started firing employees, netizens started criticizing the mass layoff by Musk. Ligma and Johnson also pretended to be laid-off Twitter employees on the Internet. They tricked media outlets to gain attention as people were anxiously waiting to know about the mass layoff on Twitter.

People posted several images showing the layoff of Twitter employees. But Musk replied to the meme in which Rahul Ligma was seen talking to reports holding a copy of Michelle Obama’s book ‘Becoming’. Musk replied to that meme “Ligma Johnson had it coming”.


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