Elon Musk Hires An iPhone Hacker To Fix Twitter Bugs

After fixing his team, Elon Musk is focusing on fixing the “broken” search feature on the platform and removing the non-dismissible login pop-up. The pop-up appears every time someone tries to browse and these are the things that ruin the Internet. Mr. Hotz is already hired for this job.


• Musk hires Mr. Hotz as a Twitter intern for 12 weeks
• Hotz is a security hacker known for hacking iPhones

Who Is Mr. Hotz?

Mr. Hotz is a security hacker better known for developing jailbreaks for iOS in 2007. He also developed Play Station 3 reverse engineering. But it isn’t the first time that he is coming into contact with Elon Musk. The Twitter chief is already familiar with Mr. Hotz. He even tried to hire Hotz at Tesla but kept didn’t.

Mr. Hotz founded Comma.ai and according to Tech Crunch, he founded the company after getting into a fight with Musk during the Tesla episode. Hotz claimed that his firm will develop a driver assistance system that will equip other cars with Tesla Autopilot-like functionality. But Tesla claimed that it was “extremely unlikely” that Hotz could beat the Autopilot with his iPhone hacking skills. On the contrary, Hotz was determined to prove Elon Musk wrong.

Mr. Hotz Hired For Twitter

How Is Mr. Hotz Hired For Twitter?

Mr. Hotz appreciated the ultimatum Musk gave to his employees to “go extremely hardcore” or leave. Elon Musk asked him to join Twitter to fix the broken search function and remove the non-dismissible login pop-up. But it will be a 12 weeks internship period and Mr. Hotz has to perform and give results to continue his association with Twitter and Elon Musk.

Source:- https://bit.ly/3gwnga8

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