Bhagyashree’s Weight Loss Friendly Water Vegetables

Bhagyashree is following a weight loss diet and she wants the world to know about her healthy eating habits or what she likes to call a weight-loss-friendly diet.

She recently dropped a video on her Insta handle to share some amazing weight loss tips with her fans

Highlights Of The Video Post:

• Education on the importance of dietary changes in weight loss
• Force on consuming more water vegetables to replenish water
• Bhagyashree suggests vegetables for weight loss enthusiasts

Bhagyashree Starts Her Video Post With An Assurance….

She assures the viewers about the importance of dietary changes in food habits. She says making changes in food habits can help in weight loss and healthy living. And stresses her point by saying eating healthy and living healthy is an essential part of weight loss.

Weight Loss Tips

Bhagyashree’s Weight Loss  tips

She advises people to have water vegetables that contain more water as it is essential for the human body. All major metabolic functions of the human body require water to flush out toxins from the body.

She further stresses her point of having more vegetables with more water content by saying that the human body is made of 70% water. She says that people should consume water and eating water vegetables is the easiest way of replenishing water is to add water vegetables into your diet.

Bhagyashree suggests vegetables like bottle gourd, spinach, tomatoes, cabbage, cucumber, lettuce, and zucchini. These vegetables have water. Also, they can add dietary fiber to your diet. They will help maintain your insulin level in addition to aiding in digestion and replenishing water in your body.


The Maine Pyaar Kiya actress is following a healthy diet and she wants to share her experience with her fans. The biggest highlight of her video is education on importance of water vegetables in achieving weight loss goals.


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