Kelly Osbourne’s Slimmer Face And Neck Triggers Rumors About Plastic Surgery

Kelly Osbourne’s latest video where the television personality is seen slamming the “stupid” plastic surgery remark by an online chatter has amassed over 320,000 views. Also, celebrities including Vanessa Hudgens and “Dancing with the Stars” pro Cheryl Burke praised the remark.

Let’s go through the chronology of the events leading to the latest video….

Kelly Osbourne posted a new selfie with a slimmer face and neck. While the 36-year-old looks gorgeous, her new looks stirred a buzz around her latest look. One said that it was a surgical cosmetic treatment, while others asked whether she had done her lips.

Miffed with these remarks, the daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne decided to give a fitting reply to all those odd remarks over her new looks.

Kelly Osbourne made a new video to silence all the speculations about the secret of her new looks. In the video, she made it clear to all that she hadn’t done plastic surgery.

She replied that she just wanted to bring up the topic that those guys were talking about because. She further said that she was always honest and upfront about what she had done to her body, who she was, and she had not had plastic surgery.

The video was captioned “Let’s squash these stupid rumors!!! Can’t you just be happy for me?”

She insisted that she had never done anything to her face and that she only had a couple of injections in lips, jaw, and forehead.

Kelly Osbourne has always been candid about her beauty and looks. She also revealed losing 85-pound weight loss last October.

She concluded the video by saying that she didn’t lie. Also, she thanked the online fans for that compliment with a grin.

The video got a huge response from the viewers who said that she should dump all those remarks and that she looked gorgeous in the new look.


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