Olivia Rodrigo Receives A handwritten Letter From Taylor Swift

Olivia Rodrigo was excited to release her debut album “Sour” but she’s more excited about the letter she received from Taylor Swift. Also, she credited Taylor Swift for her track “1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back.”

18-year-old pop megastar gives credit to the US megastar….

The track “1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back” looks to be inspired by Taylor’s 2017 LP” Reputation”. Also, Olivia gives credit to the popularity of this track and the album to Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift’s “New Year’s Day” track has its impression on “1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back” and Olivia happily accepts that she is inspired by Taylor Swift. She eve credits Jack Antonoff, co-author and co-producer of “Shake It Off.”

Olivia Rodrigo spills beans about her love for Taylor Swift….

She said that she admitted the US megastar Taylor Swift so much that she wanted to do a duet with Swift. She said that Taylor Swift’s 2010 record was her favorite and that she also wanted to be featured in re-recording of Taylor Swift’s tracks.

Olivia Rodrigo received a letter from the US megastar….

The pop megastar was excited to give details of the letter she received from the 31-year US megastar. It was a handwritten letter that Taylor Swift penned for Olivia Rodrigo. But Olivia didn’t give many details about the content of the letter authored by former Grammy-winner.

Olivia Rodrigo happily told that the US megastar sent her best wishes to Olivia Rodrigo. Also, Taylor Swift wrote that she believed that Olivia Rodrigo would make her luck. And it was a big thing for the young pop star that has recently shot to fame.

Olivia Rodrigo loves Taylor Swift’s album “Speak Now” and she wants to get featured on a song from this album. She further said that she loved listening to the songs from this album.

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