7 Most Awaited TV Shows For June Release

TV has an upper hand over theaters this June with some of the most fascinating shows beginning in this month. So, grab your popcorn and keep cold drinks ready to sip while watching the following shows on TV. Believe us it is going to be more than exciting for you and your entire family.

The Acolyte

The first two episodes of the newest Star Wars franchise were dropped on Disney+ on June 4 and the remaining six episodes will be released weekly. The Disney+ subscribers can join the respected Jedi Master in the investigation of a series of crimes. The latest series promises more thrill and action.

House of the Dragon

The wait for the release of the second series of House of the Dragon for HBO subscribers will be over on June 16. The second series will consist of 8 episodes and they are expected to be as thrilling as the first series which one nine Emmy Award nominations. Considering the earlier episodes, you can expect more in the latest series.


Netflix has brought a new drama series for its subscribers and this series is going to be exciting in many ways. The story revolves around a group of people in South London. They unexpectedly develop superpowers and the only thing connecting them is their color. They are all Black. See how their daily life is affected by superpowers.

The Bear

The third season of the award-winning comedy-drama series The Bear will begin on June 27 on FX on Hulu. Also, the producers have announced the fourth season of the series soon after the third season. So, you have back-to-back entertainment this June. The earlier two series have already earned critical acclaim for writing, acting, and direction.


Channel 4 in the UK and Hulu in the US will premiere a new television series Queenie based on the novel of the same name on June 7. The story is about the life of a 25-year-old British woman troubled by not making good decisions. She has both heartbreaks and triumphs in the first two decades of her life. Would she be able to bring joy back to her life?

Land of Women

A charming New York woman, Gala, flees to a Spanish wine town with her aging mother, Julia, and teenaged daughter, Kate. She left all her worldly belongings at her New York home except the dark family secrets that kept haunting her even in the Spanish home. Also, she has to deal with financial challenges of being the sole breadwinner for her family. Apple TV+ will premiere the show internationally on June 26.

Presumed Innocent

Watch this legal thriller on Apple TV+ on June 14. It is a murder mystery where a prosecutor turns to be a prime suspect in the murder of one of their colleagues. Based on the 1987 novel of the same name, the series has eight episodes unfolding the murder mystery.

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