Indians Found That Their Brain Is Different From That Of Americans And Chinese

A recent study on Indians’ brain revealed that Indians have smaller brain in comparison to Americans and Chinese population. 

Here’s the chart showing size of brain of Indian population

Length Width Height Volume
India 160 130 88 1.39
USA 181 142 111 2.39
China 175 145 100 1.89
Korea 160 136 92 1.63

The study was conducted by International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad. And what inspired the institute to study the brain of Indians is the need of a standard size to study development of brain and medical conditions related to it in Indian population.

What is the need of the study?

Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) based template is inspired from the size of the brain of American population. But Chinese have their own brain Atlas. Also, Koreans have produced their brain atlas. Since Indians have brain different in size and features from others, India should also have its brain atlas. The Hyderabad based institute produced a brain atlas inspired by Indian population.

IIIT-Hyderabad creates the first Indian Brain Atlas

The standards set for the study of Indian brain are taken after studying MRIs of 50 men and 50 women. Also, the MRI tests are conducted in different hospitals to get accurate results. 

Findings of the Indian Brain Atlas

  • Size of the brain an adult India is approximately 1.5kg
  • Weight of men’s brain is 1370gm
  • Weight of women’s brain is 1200gm

Do size of brain effect mental and physical abilities of a person?

Yes, it does but only 0.5% to 2%. The effect is so negligible that you can say that the size of the brain has nothing to do with the abilities of a person. The average of a brain is 2% of the total weight a person and how that person uses his brain depends on factors like education, family background, genes and environment.

What is advantage of Indian Brain Atlas?

Medical fraternity is quite excited about the new atlas. Radiologists and neurologists follow standard set by MNI while studying Indian brain. But these standards were set according to American population. Now they are happy that finally they have the atlas that gives near accurate measurement of Indian brain. 

The Indian Brain Atlas would help in treating neuro problems like dementia and understanding stroke. This atlas would prove to be a blessing for the medical fraternity in India. Now radiologists and neurologists would be able to understand the neuro problems Indians faced in old age. 

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