5 Cost Effective Ways To Celebrate National Boyfriend Day on 3rd October

3rd October is celebrated as National Boyfriend Day. It is a day dedicated to all boyfriends. Girlfriends can take it as an opportunity to convey their feelings to their boyfriends. But you need not to go for an extravaganza to show how much you love your boyfriend or how he is special for you.

Here’re simple tips to celebrate National Boyfriend Day

1. Try a new restaurant

If your boyfriend is a foodie, you can take him to a new restaurant and try some different delicacies. The restaurant would be happy to find a couple as its guest and it would offer some discount.

2. Be the best couple

You can click a better picture using Internet features and share the image on social media as the best couple.

3. Propose to your boyfriend

Convey your feelings in a different style. For example, you can wear a short dress like the actresses of 90s and tell your boyfriend in simple words why he is special for you.

4. Make a video

If you want, you can make an interesting video to make your relationship memorable and share the video with your boyfriend.

5. Buy a gift card

You can buy a beautiful gift card for your boyfriend or make a card for him. In this way, you can convey your feelings.

History of National Boyfriend Day

Started in 2014, its origin can be traced to Internet. But it became popular in 2016 when youngsters start tweeting in favor of the day.

Source: https://bit.ly/2o81Gh4

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