Amazon Axing 10,000 Employees Under Annual Operating Planning Review

Amazon hardware chief Dave Limp said some roles would no longer be required in the layoff process started by the company on Wednesday. According to The New York Times report, it will be the largest job cut in the company’s history.


• 10,000 Amazonions would lose their jobs
• Employees from the device, retail, and human resource division will be most affected
• Amazon calls it the annual operating planning review process

Why Is Amazon Laying Off Its Employees?

Amazon’s spokesperson Kelly Nantel told TechCrunch that as part of their annual operating planning review process, they always looked at each of their businesses and what they believed they should change. As they had gone through that, given the current macroeconomic environment, some teams were making adjustments, which in some cases meant certain roles were no longer necessary. They didn’t take those decisions lightly, and they were working to support any employees who might be affected.

Amazon Laying Off Its Employees

Amazon hardware chief Dave Limp wrote in a memo to workers that after a deep set of reviews, they recently decided to consolidate some teams and programs. One of the consequences of those decisions was that some roles would no longer be required. It pained him to have to deliver that news as they knew they would lose talented Amazonians from the Devices & Services org as a result, he added.

Who Are The Affected Employees?

Amazon will remove 10,000 employees (3%) in corporate technology roles but the cuts will remain fluid and could change according to needs. CNBC reported that cuts would remain focused on devices organization, retail division, and human resource department.

Managers have started informing employees about the layoff. But the affected employees are provided an opportunity to find new roles in the company or accept severance.


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