Mark Zuckerberg Grilled On A Private Dinner With President Trump And US Lawmakers

Facebook chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg went to Oval office to meet US President Donald Trump and other lawmakers to discuss the future Internet regulations. Trump shared a picture of him shaking hands with Zuckerberg but provided no details of the meeting.

Trump-Zuckerberg meeting

Concerned about competition, digital privacy, censorship and transparency in political advertising especially in the run up to the presidential election, Trump called Zuckerberg to his Oval office to put the view of social media company about the issues it is facing.

What issues Facebook is facing?

Recently a Senate panel asked executives of Facebook, Google and Twitter to appear before it and answer the questions related to digital responsibility in the wake of online violence and extremism.

The US Federal Trade Commission has already fined Facebook $5 billion in a wide-ranging settlement to strengthen privacy controls and oversight at the social network.

Mark Zuckerberg’s stand

It was a private dinner after the Senate appearance and grilling of Facebook chief for data protection and privacy missteps leading to heavy fine on Zuckerberg. The Facebook chief had dinner with Mark Warner and other lawmakers. Zuckerberg appeared cool and answered to all the questions raised by US lawmakers.

US lawmakers raised serious issues

Senate Democrat Mark Warner who was frontrunner in leading Washington on digital security hinted that they provide Zuckerberg ample time to clear his stand on serious issues.

Another Senator Josh Hawley, a Republican freshman was more critical of Facebook. He challenged Zuckerberg to prove his seriousness by taking two steps a) sell WhatsApp & Instagram and b) submit to independent third-party audit censorship. Zuckerberg’s answer to both the questions was NO. Josh Hawley tweeted his questions and the answer on his Twitter account. Facebook is a behemoth social organization and the US lawmakers don’t want the ownership of this group to pass on Chinese companies.


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