Bottle Cap Challenge: Akshay Kumar Did It In Slow Motion Mein

Place a bottle with a loose cork cap on a table and they try opening the bottle by roundhouse kick. But there is a condition. The cord should untwist and flip away without making the bottle unstable. It should remain firm at its place while the cork is untwisted with a kick.

Bottle Cap Challenge has caught the attention of Bollywood with action star and martial-art player Akshay Kumar signing up for it. He tweeted: I couldn’t resist it.

Next in the line is Gully Boy’s MC Sher Siddhant Chaturvedi.

South star Arjun Sarja is also interesting in accepting this challenge.

It all started on 25 June 2019 with Taekwondo instructor and fighter FarabiDavletchin trying the challenge on social media. Soon it spread like wildfire with mixed martial-artist Max Holloway and other celebrities tried it out.

Do you want to take this challenge?

Record the video of yours kicking the cap in Slow Motion Mein so that it is clear how you did it. Once you are done, you can upload your video on social media for the viewers.


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