Canada’s Brookfield Tops The List Of Forbes Global 2000 List For 2020

In April, the real estate sector witnessed a sharp decline in rental income with only 10% to 20% of mall retailers paying their rents according to CBRE estimate. 

Forecast for real estate market

Experts believe that the realty market will take months to recover. Even the strongest sectors like warehouses and shops and hospitality sector requires from 12 to 36 months in recovering. But some largest property owners of the world have big plans to make a comeback.

Brookfield making a huge investment

In early May, Brookfield Asset Management announced that it was mulling to invest $5 billion in realty. It owns 152 million sq. ft. of retail space and approximately 300 million of space including apartments, hotels and offices. The company said that it was looking for partners that can draw on its capital and expertise to stabilize and grow Brookfield’s business.

Last year, Brookfield Asset Management made most assets ($324 billion), accrued highest revenues ($69 billion), reported second-highest profit ($2.8 billion) and became the fourth-highest market cap ($51 billion). And with these figures, Brookfield became the biggest public real estate investment company on the planet for 2020. And it has been retaining the top position for three years now. 

Realty companies on the recovery path

Equity Residential delayed rent increase and stopped eviction for 90 days starting March. Simon said that it planned opening at least 100 malls by May 15 and Prologis offered deep cleaning and a reopening checklist to those who want to comeback.

Here’re 10 top real estate companies of the world

1. Brookfield Asset Management, Canada 

Sales/Profit: $69.109/$2.803 billion

2. American Tower Corporation, United States

Sales/Profit: $7.760/$1.905 billion

3. Prologis, United States

Sales/Profit: $3.537/$1.715 billion

4. Simon Property Group, United States

Sales/Profit: $5.674/$2.087 billion

5. Link Real Estate Investment Trust, Hong Kong  

Sales/Profit: $1.348/$2.277 billion

6. Equinix, United States

Sales/Profit: $5.521 billion/507 million

7. Equity Residential, United States

Sales/Profit: $2.680 billion/968 million

8. Digital Realty Trust, United States 

Sales/Profit: $3.187 billion/580 million

9. Welltower, United States

Sales/Profit: $5.121 billion/484 million

10. Public Storage, United States

Sales/Profit: $2.874/$1.515 billion

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