Canadian PM Announces Shutdown From Quarantine

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that Canada was closing its borders to most foreigners except for Americans. Stay home as much as possible advised Justin. The Canadian PM and his family are under isolation after his wife Sophie tested positive for COVID-19.

Canada takes strict measure

The move comes after the number of coronavirus cases in Canada jumped from a few dozen two weeks ago to more than 400 and four deaths. Earlier the virus was traced to foreign travels but today local transmission of the virus is also traced.

Exemptions to US

Justin said that US citizens were exempted because Canada had high level of integration of the two economies and the coordination that they had. Also, the exemptions are provided to air crews, diplomats and immediate family members of Canadian citizens. Also, truck drivers that make regular deliveries across Canada borders. Also, the government will help its citizens that are stranded overseas because they are suspect.

Continental response

The measure is called continental response to the deadly outbreak. The Transport Minister Marc Garneau told that the measure would take effect starting midday on Wednesday. And the response integrates critical supply chains to continue supply of food and essential goods that Canadians need in their daily life.

Canada has begun to shut down after the announcement. Everything including courthouses to gyms and from restaurants to schools, every business is shutting down. Airlines are directed to Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver that have good public screening methods.


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