Congress new game: Adhir Ranjan nominated as party’s leader of Congress in Lok Sabha

After elections of 2019, Narendra Modi won again with heavy votes and becomes second-time prime minister of India. This affected Rahul Gandhi self-esteem a lot. He decided to step back and not to be the party’s leader in the Lok Sabha more.

Rahul Gandhi is known as a part-time and unenthusiastic politician. This goes further to new leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhary.

To define political party status, a leader plays an important role in matters of representing his all team members well and manage all key matters related to the government.

In fact, Rahul Gandhi’s jokes are taking social media up before Ranjan chowdary elected as a leader of the party. The rumors are Rahul Gandhi would not accept the leader position and unable to meet requirements of it as getting up early, handling members, government issues and more.

This clearly depicts Rahul Gandhi not to lead the Congress in Lok Sabha.

Rahul Gandhi as a politician

On election days, Rahul Gandhi statements against Narendra Modi considered as totally aggressive. His image as a politician is totally damaged especially after quitting Congress, just after the announcement of the election’s results.

He entered in Lok Sabha in 2004. He wanted to take forward congress as in new culture, but it didn’t happen yet. It Cleary shows Rahul Gandhi failed in his promises.

The background of Gandhi’s family is strong then other political parties, therefore, Rahul needs power and the same lifestyle but not responsibilities.

After quitting Congress leadership, this proves he wants power without responsibly.


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