David Beckham’s Sister Joanne Has No Customers For Her Concierge Service

Family of popular footballer David Beckham is facing severe financial crisis due to novel coronavirus. His wife Victoria has a fashion label and his sister runs a concierge service and both are facing troubles with their ventures.

While Victoria is struggling to keep fashion business live, his sister Joanne has closed her flourishing business due to liquidity crunch. The business was aimed at rich Londoners but it started facing difficulties as soon as London came under the spread of novel coronavirus.

Joanne has shut shop

38-year old sister of David Beckham, Joanne, started a £400-a-month club WeAreYourCity with a fellow footballer of her brother, Jay Smith. It was promoted as Little Black Book guide that supplied shopping, restaurant ant hotel recommendations to clients. The objective was to plan social lives of rich and celebrities looking for most sought-after attractions in the capital.

The business was launch in 2014 in a lavish party where Joanne clicked pictures with her celebrity brother David Beckham. She charged every client £4,000 a year to give access to her black book. Soon the business grew due to the super contacts of Beckham family. But the things came crashing when novel coronavirus hit London. Today, Joanne has no cash and she owes £1,700 to creditors.

Victoria under criticism

She tried to repay salary of her staff with taxpayer cash and asked for permission to use the cash but her move was widely criticized. But she had no choice other than to drawing on public purse.

Source: http://dailym.ai/35qEH1Y

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