Everything you need to know about Chandrayaan 2 Moon Mission launch

India’s most crucial and striving mission ‘Chandrayaan 2’ was tested before the blast-off one hour today morning by the ISRO. GSLV Mark-II rocket was also set to go up from Andhra Pradesh at 2:51 am which was landed on the moon about in two months.

However, the mission was brawled because of technical issues. ISRO said the launch may be delayed even for the 16 July. The President Ram Nath Kovind was also there.

The highlights of Chandrayaan 2 launch

• The launch was delayed 56 minutes before the lift-off. Sources said the rocket was in the last stage when blasting off.

• The reason for delay said by ISRO was a technical snag

• ISRO president said, we will work on technical snags to launch it very soon, but we never estimate the date.

• With orbiter, the lander and rover the Chandrayaan 2 spacecraft were to lift-off. The GSLV Mark II, the powerful rocket as high as 15 story building.

• When the spacecraft lift-off, it will engage with Vikram, a 1.4-ton lander.

• The budget estimated for Chandrayaan is less than the Hollywood movie Avengers. ($356 million)

Source: https://bit.ly/2XJKkHN

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