Facebook, YouTube act on Sensational Health Therapies after a report

Undoubtedly, Facebook and YouTube are one of the strongest social media applications used over one million users worldwide. Therefore, Facebook and YouTube decided to take action on all misleading information published by fake peoples on health treatments.

After the media report, the news has confirmed Facebook said, it made changes to page ranking procedure to reduce posts on sensation health claims in an attempt to sell products. YouTube also said it was taking similar action.

The report published on The Wall Street Journal by its own investigation the pervasiveness on Facebook and YouTube of false claims such as baking soda for cancer and more.

Cancer is a serious disease that never treated at home. It requires the attention of the doctor and complete treatment.

But, there few creeps are on social media misleading the people about cancer and playing with their health.

The Action on sensational health therapies was exceptional announced by Facebook.

Source: https://bit.ly/2JpoD5S

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