Google Career Certificates Offer Associate Android Developer For Entre Level Jobs

Enrolment for Google Career Certificates has already started and those interested in enhancing their skills in data analytics, project management and user experience (UX) design can enroll their names for the course.

What is Google course about?

The technology giant is trying to bridge the skills gap in India with these certificates. The objective of the course is to help employers upskill their workforce. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet Inc. discussed the idea of bridging the skills gap in a blog post on March 11.

What is the skills gap?

Businesses are embracing digital technology especially post-covid period but they are facing difficulties in finding the right candidates. Also, they simply can’t replace their entire workforce. Google found that the businesses will need reskilling their employees by 2025 and this gap will increase, if the training of the employees and jobseekers isn’t started at the earliest.

What is the advantage of Google certificates?

Google’s data shows that 82% of graduates have been benefitted with the certificate courses. They got huge benefits in the form of getting a raise, finding new jobs and starting new businesses within six months of completing the certificate courses.

Sundar Pichai said that they would also announce a new Associate Android Developer Certification to prepare learners for entry-level jobs in Android development. He further said that availability of 1.3 millions jobs in that field provided significant opportunities for the graduates. Last year, Google announced a $10-billion Google for India Digitization Fund to speedup the digitization process of India over 5-7 years.


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