Google dedicates its honor to Punjabi Poet Amrita Pritam with Doodle

On Saturday Google Celebrates Punjabi Poet Amrita Pritam 100th birth anniversary by sharing her doodle. In the 20-the century, the Punjabi language gained so much recognition after the poignant poem,”ajjAakaanWaris shah nu”. This poem was dedicated to the 1947 massacre.28 published

Over her 28 published novels, Pinjar literature considered as the best-written background of the partition of India 1947. It was an award-winning film in 2003.

Amrita Pritam Achievements& Doodle

In Google, a doodle of Amrita Pritam is lovely. She is seen sitting in front of the bunch of roses and writes her diary. The roses are seen in black and it symbolizes her autobiography called Kala Gulab.

She received the precious awards in her entire life including the Bharatiya Ratan award in 1981. Also, she received Padma vibhushan in 2005.

She was honored with India’s highest literary award. Along with this, she received the Lifetime Achievement award. For more information please visit our latest trending News


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