Google Doodles Celebrate Physicist Joseph Plateau’s Birthday Anniversary, Teacher’s Day And Mother’s Day

Google welcomes its audience with a quirky Doodle that is an animation tossing pancake. It is phenakistoscope invented by Belgian physicist Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau. Today is 218th birth anniversary of Plateau.

Who is Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau?

Born in Brussels in 1801, Plateau was a doctor of physical and mathematical sciences. He studied at the University of Liege and graduated as a doctor in 1829. After doctorate, he taught mathematics at the Atheneum school in Brussels and was appointed Professor of Physics and Applied Physics at Ghent University in 1835.

What is phenakistoscope?

Plateau invented phenakistoscope in 1832. Made of two discs and viewing slits, it is the first device that gives illusion of a moving image. It shows how colors effect retina and moving images get distorted. His showed the reconstruction of distorted colors and images on the retina through his research.

How did discovery of phenakistoscope help science?

It is believed that the invention by Plateau inspired the modern cinema. The device creates an illusion of motion using colors and images. It paved way for the birth of moving pictures for entertainment.

Who created the Doodle?

The brain behind this amazing Doodle is animator, filmmaker and Doodler Olivia Huynh. He made Doodle work in different manners in different device platforms including desktop, mobile and the Google App. The Google Doodle page also contains an interview with the creator. But Google has different a Doodles for Teacher’s Day in Poland and Mother’s Day in Belarus. And all these Doodles are running today.


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