Google Epitomizes Summer Season with An Endearing Earth Doodle

Do you realize today Google Doodle symbolizes Summer solstice while 21 June celebrated as international yoga day? Why?

Well, you know summer days are becoming hotter day by day in northern India. According to reports, there will be heat till 23rd September.

However, this period marks the longest days and shorter nights. The date varies between different states of the north due to culture, climate, and atmospheric conditions. The only reason it represents the longest day for northern India because this day the tilt of the earth axis is motivated towards the sun. This creates a huge elevation in the sun during the day of 20 June to 22 June.

These days encourage people to enjoy warm weather and go outside of the house. The summer solstice celebrates in the United Kingdom. The millions of people travel and enjoy the mysterious sunrise and sunset to connect with nature.

Google has shown ground to nature. In the doodle, you’ll see small earth which covered with two eyes, red face and on top tree and bed that mainly found on the beach.

Apart from this, today Google doodle is dedicated to the summer solstice and it looks really tempting.


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