Google View In 3D Not Working For Following Reasons

Children around the globe are in lockdown mode; they aren’t going to schools and no tuition classes are held these days. But they’re still doing great things with Google view in 3D.

It isn’t a new feature, but it became popular only after naughty kids came to know about it. Google view in 3D rely heavily on Smartphone and with it, you can render creatures within your camera viewfinder in real-life scale.

Google 3D View

• Smartphone with Android 7.0 or higher or iPhone running iOS 11 or later

• Google Chrome for Android/iOS

Animals within Google Search

• Alligator

• Angler fish

• Brown bear

• Cat

• Cheetah

• Dog

• Duck

• Eagle

• Emperor penguin

• Goat

• Hedgehog

• Horse

• Lion

• Macaw

• Octopus

• Pug

• Giant panda

• Rottweiler

• Shark

• Shetland pony

• Snake

• Tiger

• Turtle

• Wolf

In addition to this extensive list of animals, you have the option to include groans, grunts and growls to increase the immersion and make the pictures look real.

And if you can’t activate the feature, look for troubleshooting….

The Google app doesn’t have access to the camera

The app requires basic access like “Access to use the camera and videos” and “Access to location”. Allow access by clicking “Allow” every time the app asks for permission or you do it manually.

• Open the ‘Settings’ app on your smartphone

• Click on ‘Apps & Notifications’

• Open the ‘Google’ app

• Click on ‘Permissions’

• Switch on all the permissions you wish to give the App to effectively use ‘Google View in 3D feature’

Inappropriate location or space

One needs to have appropriate space to view the 3D animals. If the feature still not working after changing the setting, then you need to find appropriate space by panning the camera across your house.

Google View in 3D is down

Sometimes the feature doesn’t work due to technical issues like the link to the app goes down. Google will fix the problem. Also, you can try by clearing the cache of your Smartphone.


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